Microsoft gifting Zune Music Pass members 1,000 Microsoft points

screen shot 2012-10-15 at 6.29.07 pm

Except for the issue that many new features will not be coming to Windows Phone 7, Xbox Music Pass only adds features to Zune Pass for subscribers, who can look forward to a cross-platform music streaming client, a bigger library, portable playlists and eventually the ability to plug the holes in the streaming selection by uploading your own tracks.

Microsoft sent the above circular to their Zune Pass subscribers informing them of the same, and also, as a sweetener, offered them 1,000 Microsoft Points, which should be just about enough to hire a movie or buy a few tracks, which is not bad for doing nothing.

Let the Xbox Music party begin!


Thanks Amedeo for the tip.

  • James Waymire

    Still no word on what happens for those of us on the Zune $14.99 music pass that gives 10 downloads a month that you get to keep permanently…

    • Johan

      keep using your zune desktop on the side. Those will still give you the credit. I have it running on Win 8 with no problem

  • Duncan MacFarlane

    Well I got the email… but no mention of 1000 MS Points. Sounds like that little bonus might be limited to the States…

  • deathdealer351

    they said Zune pass will be grandfathered over. So us 10 sings to keep guys should be able to download and keep 10 in Xbox music. Which is nice seeing as the track base will go up.