Microsoft Giveaway: Get Skype Premium Which Offers Group Video Calling Free For One Year

Few days back, we reported that Microsoft that is allowing Skype users to make free group calls, free group screen sharing, no advertising and access to live customer support, for free. All of these features are typically reserved for premium account holders but you can get them free for 12 months. This Skype Collaboration Project offer is still working. If you didn’t grab your offer code, do it now!

Visit this page to make use of the deal, The Skype Collabration Project.

After you enter your email address a code will be sent to your inbox. After the code is redeemed you see a message that shows a credit of $107.88.

Some people receive their code instantly, while for some people it takes days. So, be patient if you didn’t get any code. It is better if you enter the Microsoft Account associated with your Skype account.

  • Bugbog

    Is this US only or international?

    • MaelN


      I’m french and I received my code.

  • Beezer

    I used two emails, my Hotmail, and old Gmail. Received the code on Gmail but nothing on my Skype associated Hotmail account.

  • Ian Crick

    can anyone use this offer, as I could use it to with family and also tell them about the offer

  • Tamer Nader

    I got an error telling me that I have reached my monthly voucher redemption limit !!!!
    Anyone know a solution for this ???

  • BadHorsie Paul

    I’m from the UK and received my email almost immediately, but when I put the code in I’m getting “Unknown error occurred. Please try again later.”

  • NGM123

    I can’t see anywhere to enter my details?????

    • Herb_Eaversmells

      Enter your email and you’ll receive the code.

      • NGM123

        Where???? I can’t see a field ?

        • Herb_Eaversmells

          Oh damn it looks like the promotion might have ended…

          That link should have opened up a page where you would have entered your email and received the promo code. Maybe they’ll put it back up soon.

          • NGM123

            Double damn, thank for your help anyway, Merry Christmas

  • Jonathan Blackwell

    Where to subscribe???

  • redtidal

    The Sign Up page no longer loads.