Microsoft Gives Surface RT With Touch Cover, Nokia Lumia 920 And 100GB SkyDrive Storage To BUILD Attendees

At Build Conference held at Microsoft campus, Microsoft announced that all the paid attendees with get a Microsoft Surface for Windows RT with Touch Cover, Nokia Lumia 920 device and 100GB SkyDrive storage for free. Of course, all the developers present at the event went wild while Microsoft made these announcements. Seeding developers with devices is not new for Microsoft and they have been doing it for last few years.

However with early registration costing $1595 and full $2095 the toys certainly are not free.

Microsoft encouraged developers to create apps for Windows 8, calling it  “the best opportunity software developers will see.”

“Hundreds of millions of people are just aching to use your applications,” said Ballmer, who also announced that 4 million Windows 8 upgrades have been sold over the weekend.

Are you planning to attend Build conference next year?

  • Beezer

    If the Lumia 920 is unlocked, which I’m guessing it is. Then hell yeah that’s an amazing deal. Get to go to the conference and you’re getting your stuff.

    Lumia 920 : $600 (cheapest case scenario)
    RT w/Touch Cover: $620

    That’s $1220. I don’t know how much 100GB of skydrive costs. But for early registrations….they basically paid around $400 to attend. Which I think is totally worth it.

    • techieg

      You must be a math major or professor. Great number crunching. LOL.

      • Beezer

        And you must be a troll.

  • IAmUnanimousInThat


  • the person

    F ME. thats why BUILD sells out in a matter of minutes. Hope some 920s show up on eBay soon at any rate…

  • Lasp24

    This is why Microsoft is awesome

  • Gavin Tom

    Haha, cool new toys since probably all the companies paid for them to attend anyways. Nice move Microsoft, nice move.