Microsoft Giving Away 15GB Of SkyDrive Storage To Apple MobileMe Users

SkyDrive MobileMe Offer

Microsoft SkyDrive today announced a great deal for Apple MobileMe users. MobileMe was supposed to be Apple’s cloud offering to compete with Microsoft and Google online services, but later it was replaced by iCloud.

Apple is now sending emails to MobileMe consumers that their accounts will be downgraded and they should continue with iCloud service. Microsoft is giving away 15GB storage for free for the next 12 months if you just send a copy of your MobileMe downgrade email to

SkyDrive is a fully featured consumer cloud storage solution from Microsoft that offers clients across platforms and devices.

  • nohone

    After their history, not sure why people would trust Apple services like iCloud. Apple went through at least 5 iterations of their services, each time throwing out your data. Massive data losses where they blamed the user for not backing up data such as email. Massive outages that went on for weeks. Uncountable number of bugs that made the service unusable (especially with MobileMess). And now they are playing me-too and with iWork iFor iCloud, trying to port an unused office package to an unused service. And they want to charge you for what other companies give you for free and with a much better product.

    • SocalBrian

      “to an unused service”

      There are now over 320 million iCould accounts – not what most people would think of as “usused.”

      • Nohone

        And how many people actually use it? I have it turned off for my iTouch. Nobody that I know who use iDevices use it. Just because you get an account simply because it is forced upon you when you simply turn on an Apple product does not mean it is used.

        • SocalBrian

          I suspect a fairly large number use it – even if it’s only for syncing between devices and for backup. Certainly anyone shoping at an Apple store (100’s of millions of people a year) is encouraged to enable iCloud backup.

          Look, I have a Skydrive account I never use because Microsoft requires that I have a Passport, err Live ID, err Microsoft ID in order to access MSDN (and Windows 8 users get pushed hard to use a Microsoft ID – if you don’t the Calendar, Contacts, and Email apps can’t be used), Apple does not require you to use or even sign up for iCloud to use their products.

      • Tips_y

        I hear you but apropos to your comment, there are probably already about half a billion of us Google+ account holders in the world but that doesn’t stop a lot of analysts calling the service as “dying and a virtual ghost-town”. I think it’s more to the point if you give us the number of active users and also the number of users online at any given time.

        • grs_dev

          Google+ is another “me too” type business. It’s not going to die.

          It is heavily used by Google to drive their own internal ad engine. Those Google+ profiles are worth something to Google. Every penny they save by harvesting their own Google+ data, is a penny they do not have to pay to Facebook or a 3rd party social network.

          I personally never expected Google+ to replace Facebook anytime soon, or ever. I don’t think Google’s missing is to do that either. I mean they’d be happy if it happens, but they’re not in it to end Facebook. That’s just the silly perception of the media and the press that covers the industry.

          For Google, they simply want to continue to sell ads. Facebook was able to make brands take online ad dollars they would normally spend on Google and Yahoo and repurpose them to be spent on social media ads on Facebook. Facebook case was simple.

          As everyone knows, in the world of online advertising, Yahoo dominates banner ads, Google dominates Search ads, and Facebook dominates social media ads.

          Facebook disrupted the online ad industry with its social ad network and their ability to do targeting.
          With Google and Yahoo (Search and Banner) in the past, advertisers used to have no concrete knowledge of who’s looking at each ad they just spent a bunch of their money on by running it on websites powered by doubleclick (Google) and Right Media (Yahoo). They had to rely on high level, low resolution data such as the type of site, day part, etc.

          With Facebook these same advertisers suddenly could control exactly who their ads could reach providing them way more control over their ad spend. Google and Yahoo were scared shitless as a result.

          Google needed to revamp its ad business to defend its search business from the threat that social networks and Facebook specifically posed. They knew the end was near if they didn’t do something to convince their clientele that they ALSO can provide that high resolution targeting. So they redid their social network projects and relaunched them as Google+. Yahoo simply partnered with Microsoft and AOL in an effort to save itself.
          Why is any of this relevant? Well as you might know, Microsoft Office is the #1 productivity suite on the Mac. As Microsoft continues to defend its turf against Google in the enterprise and with consumers. The last thing it wants to see happen is a bunch of its intellectual property (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc) float its way over to Google for cloud storage.

          • Tips_y

            If Google is using Google+ to mine data, then you’re probably right that Google will allow it to continue no matter it’s alleged status as a “virtual ghost-town”.

          • grs_dev

            Activity is meaningless for Google and essential for Facebook.

            Google needs Google+ profiles to be of the highest quality possible and could care less about how active these users are.

            Facebook needs both. High activity volume AND fairly accurate profiles.

            The way it works, take this site for example, WMPU, whenever you load the page here, all the ad spots you see on both sides and across the top, etc, each one initiates a request to doubleclick, Google’s ad exchange. Google then makes a call to their Google+ backend and sees if one of their cookies containing a pointer to your Google+ profile exists. If they have that info, they then extract a bunch of data about you from their own social network. Like age, gender, location, etc. Using this info Google then auctions each ad spot on the page to the highest bidding advertiser that is interested in reaching your demographic. They do this in a fraction of a second. About 60 millisecond. In real time basically. They also mine data from GMail and other entities such as Andfroid etc, where each property yields a little more info about you that could be used to enrich the impression being put up for a bid in the real time bidding process.

            Google doesn’t just do this

            Facebook does something similar but minus having to cross product boundaries the way Google does. They simply mine your profile and show you the ad that’s most optimal to you based on advertiser spend and cpm calculations and settings defined by the advertiser. What you post on facebook is not as likely to influence the ads you see as much.
            Facebook cares more about your network, their demographics, the things you said you like, your affiliations, etc.

            Both want your profile data, that’s the holy grail. Facebook needs you to be active because it ensures the data quality stays fresh and is constantly being enriched. Google doesn’t need Google+ to enrich the data they enrich it from other sources, such as Android, Chrome, Search, GMail, YouTube, Drive, Maps Voice, and the long list of free shit they make available to you.

      • grs_dev

        I have an iCloud account. I have never used it. I was forced to create one at some point via the Apple upgrade process as I was trying to update my iPad to version 5.

  • redtidal

    Where is the love for Windows Users?

    Are we been ignored by been supportive?

    • grs_dev

      I actually felt a lot of love from SkyDrive. 25 GB worth of love. When they announced they were shrinking the default size from 25 GB to 7GB, they asked users to simply claim their free upgrade back then, and I made sure to cash mine in. Unlike the one they’re giving Apple, mine has no expiration date.

      • redtidal

        I do have the 25GB, two acounts, in fact.

        But I am also trying to convert co-workers and friends to Windows Phone, a 25GB or even 15GB Skydrive would be a great selling point.

        • grs_dev


  • NegLewis

    5 GB on a server it’s… how to put it into words… ludicrous.
    The only limitation a FREE cloud service should have it’s the speed limit D/U… And maybe a 1-10 TB limit.
    A payd account – FULL – should be limitless… Maybe a 10-100 TB limit.

    • Tips_y

      You should present a study of your proposition to Microsoft, Google, Apple, et al, on how profitable it would for them then maybe we could get more for our storage in their cloud services

    • grs_dev

      And this is why @NegLewis:disqus doesn’t actually work on any cloud based solutions anymore! LOL

      • Tips_y

        LOL! Probably will not get work in any cloud based solution outfit any time soon.

        • NegLewis

          Cloud storage should be free
          .. No cap.
          We should pay only the speed.
          THIS is the future all big corporations present us.

          • Tips_y

            Hope you’re right. LOL!

  • Lastdon

    After a mail user dissatisfaction as WP, I have sent a key to activate extra 15GB in my mind that he was only 7GB, let skydrive capture with increasing activated after the code. I was satisfied with the care provided by the microsoft team.