Microsoft Giving Away Free Game Downloads To Consumers Who Received Faulty Xbox One Units

Few days back, we reported about the hardware issue affecting a very small number of Xbox One customers. Microsoft responded that they are working directly with those affected to send a replacement console to them as soon as possible through their advance exchange program. In addition to that, Microsoft also announced that these customers will receive free games from Microsoft for the inconvenience caused.

While a replacement console is on its way, we want to ensure our advance exchange customers can stay in the game. We will provide each of them with a free digital download of one of the launch titles published by Microsoft Studios.

Source: Microsoft

  • omMarcus Asdrubal C. Navarro

    Pradeep made horrible posts about Sony Blue Light of Death that was less than the problems that Xbox One is facing. No commentary? What happened??? Too biased.

    • José Villaró

      Why is it bias?

    • nohone

      Show us the exact numbers that prove Sony had fewer problems than Microsoft had with the X1. What we do know is that Sony, the day before the PS4 even went on sale, were claiming that only 0.4% of consoles were broken. How they knew that number before people had their boxes delivered is beyond me. And if they did know that number, then they knew they were shipping broken consoles, but shipped them anyway, not caring about their users getting broken consoles. Then a few days later, they upped their number to 1%. If they lied about the number once, why not do it again? Also, coincidentally, 0.4% is the exact same number that Sony claimed was the number of PS3s that suffered from the YLOD.
      Microsoft never gave out a specific number of broken consoles. That doesn’t mean that they are trying to hide the number, just that they do not know. But we do know that there was, after the first day, 400 Amazon verified purchases with BLOD PS4s. Meanwhile, Amazon had 80 verified purchases with problems after the first day, and those problems were disk problems, controller problems, or random other issues.
      So that facts doesn’t backup you little story about more broken X1s vs. broken PS4s. As for the bias, I assume that you went about to all the Sony web sites that made a big deal about X1 problems while downplaying and even ignoring PS4 problems, and made complaints about their bias. Why don’t you list those sites and your posts where you made those complaints. Go ahead and list them, I will wait.

      • SategB

        From my sources both PS4 and XBox1 mefunctions is running around 1%. So it no big deal for either. nohone is right that unlike PS4 one particular issue while XBox1 is a variety.

        Though as a lead engineer pointed out to me what is disconcerning is having a vatiety of problems points to across the board quality controll issues which can take longer to correct. The good news for us is it is unlikely MSFT will have to take near billion $ warranty charge like we did with the Xbox360.

        • nohone

          Wow, I actually agree with SategB on something. Although, I don’t agree with the engineer, that is not an issue. A spread out failure rate is actually an indicator of better quality. If every defect is the same, then it means that the components are being tested. If it is different components, then more are being tested and verified.
          Think of it this way, suppose I have 1000 units. I select every 100 and test it for defects. That means I have 10 units to test. If 5 of those have a problem with the CPU, then I have a much higher rate of defects with CPUs (which, incidentally, was the Sony fanboy rumor – that Microsoft couldn’t get a high rate of working CPUs). But if of those 5 I have 1 bad CPU, 1 bad GPU, one bad controller, one bad WiFi radio, and one scratched case, then it is not one specific component, and it means that I have much higher quality components with only random, unrelated failures.

    • nohone

      Looking through your post history, I now see the trend in your posts. They all fall into one of three categories:
      1) Whine and complain because something doesn’t fall into your views, then the article author is either lying or biased.
      2) The Android you have is great!
      3) You claim that you have a Windows Phone, criticize it, and then talk about how great your Android is.
      You are just a usual, run of the mill whiner who complains if anything positive about Microsoft is written.

    • Emi the Strange

      almost none had this problem…. so you are making your “was less tan problem with Xbox one is facing” up.
      stop talking crap you dont even know…
      and if you see this problem is WAY different than what a blue light is… people could still play digital games and enjoy The console, only dont play disc based games, so its not even the same since their consoles arent completely useless.
      you dont even have numbers to backup what you just said… but oh well… trolls gotta troll i guess?

    • Ben A

      don’t talk crap. now everybody owning you, your facts are BS. go look at the dictionary of “Biased”

    • krayziehustler

      Just look at YouTube. PS4 has had more issues than just Blue light. I’ve seen a few where the disc drive wouldn’t accept any discs, one where it freezes , one where the image is screwed, another one with no picture via HDMI, even a few with updates bricking/freezing.

      Surely a problem with just the blu ray drive is not as bad.

  • Jeff Bramwell


  • Emi the Strange

    well it sounds fair… and not many consoles suffered this. and if they suffered this, its not like Microsoft will lose alot of millions since the console isnt dead, its only the drive…
    i still dont know a person with this problem… and its not only about people i know, also people who stream in twitch who are alot, doesnt seem to have this problem either.