Microsoft Giving Away Free SkyDrive Storage And Skype Video Calling To Early Adopters


To celebrate its one year anniversary, Microsoft is giving away some free SkyDrive storage and Skype video calling to its early adopters. Microsoft sent out promo codes for 3GB of extra free space on SkyDrive for 1 year. And the other promo code is offers one free month of Skype group video calling. However, video calling is limited to 100 hours for this free month with a strange a limit of 4 hours per session.

You can signup for for free to get modern web email experience.

  • hysonmb

    I don’t plan to use my code, but, what happens when someone hits the end of that one year and they’re into the extra 3GB but don’t buy the space? How will MS decide what gets dumped when they remove the expanded storage? Some users can be warned all day long that there’s going to be an issue but they’ll cry foul when stuff starts disappearing.

    • Someg Guys

      Hey hysonmb, mind giving me your code since you don’t want it? MS won’t take the space away from you. They’ll just freeze your account from adding and changing data till you delete 3GB worth of space.

      • hysonmb

        No problem, whenever I get it, I’ll give it to you. I still have plenty of space and won’t likely cut into an additional 3GB within the year so it would be a waste on my account anyway.

  • dcmobi

    They should give it to everyone who’s been without email for over 6 hours.

  • reKitab

    3GB of extra free space on SkyDrive for 1 year? Then what happens after that? Me no capicé.

  • Random

    Simple: When you run out of space you can still read & access your data, and delete. But not change or add…

  • bnlf

    i´m an early adopter and i didn´t get any code.

  • Tech_Reader

    No worries for people who get extra 3 GB, I say go grab it.
    I got extra 25GB when I was testing so I have that till now, no taking back and no warning.