Microsoft Giving Away Free Xbox One Console, Games To Few Loyal Xbox 360 Owners

In an effort to appreciate their support for Xbox, Microsoft is giving away free Xbox One consoles, games and other items for its loyal Xbox customers. One guy received Killer Instinct game while the other received Xbox One console itself. They were informed via email.

The email reads: “You’re a fan of us and we’re a fan of yours. Thank you for your dedication to Xbox. We want to show you our appreciation so we’re giving you Killer Instinct.

“We’ve unlocked all characters so you can hit the ground running. Watch your inbox on 22 November for instructions on how to claim your free gift.”

Great way to engage with the loyal community!

Source: CVG

  • farmer pancho

    Aaw come on ms,im also a big fan, give me one too. I bought the original xbox hoping true fantasy online would be released… And i bad mouthed the ps2 (in the name of the fallen dreamcast tho lol) plus i spread countless flamewars on 4chan if thats not being a trol….er…fan i dont know what is

  • ZappyKins

    Wow, Congratulations to those lucky ones!

  • anthony

    If i got an email saying you just won an xbox one, i would immediately assume it was spam :/

  • Jimmy_Jangle

    Speaking of freebies: I’d be very grateful if anyone who hasn’t already, goes to
    and RT’s that link – basically Nokia have said that if that link gets
    1,020 retweets, then I get to keep the 1020 they sent out to me. Also I
    will pick one person who will receive a Lumia 520 if I am successful.
    I’ve already had George and Richard from WPC RT it, and I assure you it
    is completely legit!

    Thanks in advance, and get RT’ing!

  • Emily the Strange

    I love the idiots who are like “oh someone won and i didnt… I had more years of Xbox live gold and more gamescore…. why would they win and not me?” you know stupid envious and jealous people who cant just shut up (because i dont expect them to be happy) about someone else luck.

  • romeos2014

    I’ve got the first Xbox ond the Xbox 360 now i want the Xbox one for my collection it would be great I’ve always loved Xbox ps4 r / good to i have a ps 3 but it don’t work needs lots of work done to it lol Microsoft has the best games ever Xbox one would be perfect gift for Christmas for me it keeps me busy since im handicap i love Xbox. This would be sweet thanks Microsoft for being loyal to use we preciate it thank you have a great day.

  • romeos2014

    Ive probably spend at least 300 a month on games for Xbox plus mine 360 has at least $1200 in it right now still not done yet thats y i love Xbox there great there ten times better then PlayStation i have a ps 2 which my mom has it she likes pacman not a fan of Pplaystation now Xbox i am big fan i’ve spent more money on Xbox games then most people do I’ll keep buying Xbox for the rest of my life until Xbox stop making them thanks Microsoft keep up the the best console and games love it.