Microsoft Giving Away Nokia Lumia 630 Devices To Its Chinese Factory Workers Who Voluntarily Leave Their Jobs

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As part of the massive layoffs Microsoft announced last month, thousands of former Nokia factory workers will be losing the job. Last week, hundreds of Chinese employees from  Nokia factories protested against Microsoft’s decision on mass layoffs. The participated employees posted pictures showing their protest on social media networks as well. The protest took place at former Nokia Beijing research center and factory employing 2,400 people.

Today, MarketWatch reported that Microsoft is giving free Nokia Lumia 630 devices to up to 300 employees per day if they apply for the company’s volunteer resignation package. And it is being offered under first come, first serve basis. As per this report, Microsoft plans to cut about 4,700 jobs at its factory and R&D center in Beijing, leaving only 300 workers.

via: MarketWatch

  • wat

    Microsoft buys Nokia, closes Chinese factories, Windows gets banned in China, Microsoft offers ex factory workers a Windows phone as compensation. Wat.

    • dazcoull

      wat, that is (almost) a correct statement/question – however, I think you are mistaken thinking Windows is banned in China – in fact the only ban is for Windows 8.x (on the PC) only in Chinese Government computers. Everything else is fine, and in fact many Chinese companies are now getting into manufacturing cheap Windows phones and 8.x tablets since low-end device OS charges were dropped to zero. Hope this helps clarify things a little.

      • wat

        I am aware.

      • indian

        Window 8 is facing ban in most of the countries because of cloud service. In window 8 all the mail and details can be uploaded to cloud the server would be there in U.S. Other national countries do not want there details to be leaked to U.S. That is why China has banned its officials not to use Window 8. And Microsoft biggest revenue comes from cloud service. All these happen after Microsoft was forced to provide all the mail details to U.S govt.

        • david

          Same holds also for OsX, Crome and other linux flavours. Ban everything and we can go back to use punch card computers.

          • donzebe

            Punch card computers = more jobs,

  • Joe_HTH

    Holy hell Microsoft. How the hell are you asking employees to voluntarily leave when you’ve already laid them off? This seems very wrong Microsoft. You laid them off, then add insult to injury by offering a phone to people who voluntarily. What’s to leave? You laid them off, and it sure as hell wasn’t a voluntary layoff.

    • Tips_y

      Although those employees to be dismissed had been identified, they were not given their walking papers yet so technically, they’re still not laid off. All who will be dismissed will be given compensation packages. So whether you willingly sign or not, you will be dismissed anyway. But those who willingly sign, will receive a phone on top of the compensation packages.

      So if I were one of those employees, I’d opt to sign, and get a brand new 630 phone that costs around $119 in China. I’ll take the phone and sell it and add the money to the compensation package I will get. Or throw it into the river so it’s one less Windows Phone is China – poetic justice but also very stupid LOL!

  • Myclevername

    Too bad those workers cant protest Tiananmen Square while they’re at it.