Microsoft giving special Xbox 360 consoles to members long-time Xbox Live subscribers


Microsoft is sending, completely unprompted, special Xbox 360 consoles and controllers to Xbox Live members who have spent more than 10 years with the service.

Kotaku has some pictures from a reader who has already received the box, which is emblazoned with a decade of entertainment" logo on the side of the console, as well as a cool little touch on the disc tray door, with a special "XBL10" plate.

The gift is to celebrate to years of Xbox Live, which only debuted in October 2002, making those who are receiving the gift now the earliest of early adopters.

Read more about the offer at Kotaku here.

  • GG002

    It’s awesome how Microsoft is trying to be everything that Apple is not. Happy for you guys, who received some love as long-term committers!

  • hysonmb

    I hope this is going out to all long time members. I’ve been active since the second wave of the beta 😀 It would be cool to get a new 360 after spending $500+ on the service over 10 years.

  • Maglev Yerov

    Hey, I’m a gold member from day 0. I’d love to get one of these.

  • Beezer

    My mailing address is totally bogus. Someone might be very happy on my behalf.

  • idunnohowtowrite

    Me luv u long time…

  • o0MattE0o

    I think this will be USA only but I still have my XBOX LIVE Orange Memory CARD 😀 ROFL

  • Lace

    Why is this only being offered to citizens of the United States and not to citizens of Canada? That’s dumb Microsoft and racist! We’ve been there right from the beginning too!

  • Lace

    I really do hope this will be offered in Canada as well! After seeing the comment that mentions worldwide promotions: “A Microsoft spokesperson explained to IGN that “we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Xbox Live by conducting special promotions for our
    members worldwide and today we began to surprise a select number of our
    loyal 10 year Xbox Live members in the U.S. with special edition
    anniversary consoles.” I truly hope so! Canadians love gaming too and have been there from the start!