Microsoft giving Xbox Live users free Microsoft Points on their birthday, provoking ire


bristhday-badge-card_concepts03As part of a Microsoft’s MyAchievements program Microsoft is sending gamers 20 free Microsoft Points on their birthday.

The free gift is however not being well received, due to the paltry amount (20 Microsoft points is only worth around $0.25) and due to the numerous conditions attached.

Only gamers with Gamerscore over 3000 qualify for the gift, and users will have to wait till the 15th of the month to actually receive the Points.

Users with a Gamerscore above 10,000 get a rebate of one percent for every Xbox LIVE purchase and gamers with a Gamerscore above 25,000 will be a two percent rebate credited to their Xbox account.

To add insult to injury, there is nothing in the Xbox store which can be purchased for only 20 Microsoft Points.

This may be a promotion Microsoft may want to rethink. Maybe an “It’s my Birthday!” Avatar Prop would be a better idea?

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  • Meekermoloko

    I think you also have to be an Xbox Live Gold member, but not sure on that. Granted, there are millions of Xbox Live customers, but yeah… 20 points? Even though that’s like doing one of their surveys, I would have preferred a free avatar hat or something.

    I do have over 25,000 gamerscore, but does that 2% rebate count for past purchases or just future ones?

  • Zulhardy Rahim

    200 pts maybe. C’mon… 20???

  • Gary Dulleck

    People bitch because what they get for free isnt enough? Geez.

    • BigLord

      It’s like a beggar complaining for being given a penny, eh. I understand WHY he’s complaining, but you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, do you?

  • textomatic

    If you want free Microsoft points all you have to do is search with Bing Rewards.

  • Beezer

    Yes, an avatar prop would be a better deal, but no reason to get pissed off at “only” getting 20 microsoft points. My god some people are ungrateful whiners.
    I’d like to see how you would run this prize system, would you be giving out dollars to every single birthday user? You’re looking at over a couple thousand dollars lost every month. For what? For nothing.

  • toye

    It sucks hands down. microsoft dont do much for the customer everything on the market is over priced never get a date for new full games on the matket and even them are over priced! Can see ps4 being my nxt move!!!