Microsoft Grouped Under Leader Category In Agile Business Intelligence Report From Forrester

Microsoft BI Forrester Wave

In the recently released Forrester Wave: Agile Business Intelligence Platforms, Microsoft was named a leader along with SAP, Tibco software and others. Forrester said, “Microsoft received high client feedback scores for its agile, business user self-service and advanced data visualization functionality. Clients also gave Microsoft BI a high score for its product vision.” With their latest solutions, Microsoft is aiming to lower the barrier of entry for users and reduce the complexity of deploying business intelligence solutions for IT

Microsoft elevates its leading Agile BI capabilities to the cloud with Power BI. Products Evaluated: Power BI for Office, SQL Server, SharePoint.

Microsoft received top scores for the features technology professionals need to enable business user BI self-service, business user capabilities to provision their own BI applications and data, as well as effectiveness of the UI and its ADV functionality. Forrester also scored Microsoft highly for the business user capabilities to perform data integration tasks within the BI tool. Microsoft received high client feedback scores for its agile, business user self-service and ADV functionality. Clients also gave Microsoft BI a high score for its product vision.

In addition to its Agile BI offerings, with every new release of its BI platform, Microsoft makes it more difficult for large enterprises that have already deployed Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and SQL Server not to consider Microsoft BI as its enterprise BI platform. Microsoft BI does require a full Microsoft software stack, so organizations that are not looking to deploy SharePoint based on other requirements should not list Microsoft BI or look to the cloud-based Power BI. Buyers should be aware that Microsoft only provides direct presales/post-sales support to a handful of its top accounts; all other organizations should first secure a trusted relationship with a Microsoft implementation partner before committing to Microsoft BI.

Source: Microsoft

  • tropolite

    And rightly so too. Microsoft is willing to make tough decisions about breaking through the cutting edge (even when the majority of the populous haven’t caught up), and a willingness to listen to consumers and business in kneading those decisions into an easier jump for the masses, as well as making the hard decisions of streamlining and cutting back staff where necessary.
    There’s a number of journo’s and wannabe bloggers that wrote off Microsoft a few years ago, but I have a feeling we have yet to see how strong Microsoft really is. Competition is good, and it only makes the strong stronger, and things better overall for you and me.

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  • Kapta

    I think BI is an important area businesses are going to start to position their focus. Agile software is a term that is starting to be used more often in board rooms. It will be interesting to see where the industry goes.