Microsoft Has Its Own 120-inch 4k Widescreen TV, It’s Stunning

Microsoft 120inch 4K TV Screen

Microsoft revealed its new Envisioning Center at its headquarters in Seattle a week before during TechFest. Microsoft Research revealed lots of their projects which were interesting and futuristic. Pocket-lint had a chance to look at the world’s largest 4K TV built by Microsoft. Yes, Microsoft built its own 4K tv which is 120-inch wide. It was used to demo a full Kinect-enabled storytelling experience that Microsoft expects to be in day to day life within five to 10 years.

Pocket-lint described their experience with the huge display as below,

The absolutely stunning screen is, as you would expect for 4k, pin-sharp, with no pixelating even up close. But before you get too excited, Microsoft tells us there are no plans to start selling TVs and that this TV in their Envisioning Centre is purely for it to get the conversation started with its partners who they invite in to have a look.

Source: Pocket-lint

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    • Bugbog

      You Wish! :)

  • arrow2010

    Take my money now!

    • Bugbog

      I think even if they took You along with the money you have, it wouldn’t be enough! 😀

      • arrow2010

        I’d pay $15K for this.

  • frankwick

    The thought of only being able to pin 2 Win8 apps seems a little silly on that thing.

  • Kitab

    Sammy™, a TV manufacturer, previously known by another name:) will make a bigger one ASAP, undercutting M$ as usual.

  • ♐Mr.InTernaTionaL♐

    8-10 years is too long Microsoft. They need to come out with this in the next 5-8 months this would excite a lot of people and fly off the shelves.