Microsoft Has Registered The Domain, New Cloud Service In The Works?

Usually, Microsoft registers domain names related to a product ahead of the product launch. Recently, Jamie Zoch at Dot Weekly revealed that Microsoft has registered the domain. Microsoft registering a single domain is not a big deal, but they have also registered several variations  of like,, and Right now, Microsoft has redirected all of these URL to Bing pages with search results for the terms.

Apart from registering domain names, Microsoft has even registered a trademark for “Sway” with a description, covering computer software; computer application software; online computer software and software as a service. One thing is for sure, Microsoft is developing some cloud service in the name of Sway. Is it as consumer based service or enterprise based service under Azure umbrella?

As expected, Microsoft didn’t comment on this story.

via: TechCrunch Source: Dotweekly

  • JohnCz

    They must have paid a small fortune for that domain because of its wide applicability. I’d like to see it used in context of a public service.

  • ZloiYuri

    Porn on demand?

  • royalextremist

    Looks like a CDN Service

  • Marco Alia Lanese

    I think is something like but with RemoteDesktop functionality also