Microsoft HealthVault Now Open To Users Outside US

Microsoft HealthVault, the personal health platform to manage health and wellness is now open to public outside USA. HealthVault was open only to US users so far, but now Microsoft has decided to expand its reach. Its a trusted place for people to organize, store, and share health information online. It works as a platform for 3rd party services like Fitbit, Runkeeper, etc,.

Create your account for free at

  • Guest

    Weren’t they shutting this down?

    • Zicoz

      That was Google

  • Anonymous

    The WP7 App is still not available in most marketplaces.

  • Jason Boyd

    Still not available in Canada

  • Ken

    I am in Canada and tried to create and account but no luck – seems it is not avaiable here yet.

  • Anonymous

    i want to see metro on Hotmail 😐

  • Pieter

    Great to step for United Right for quality of health and consumer empowerment. Keep it away from commercial parties and Microsoft will benefit most in other product ranges. Respectful support will be rewarded with a community of adoption (like the Apple clan).