Microsoft Incubation Team’s List Of Next $1 Billion Businesses

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A new job posting from Sales, Marketing & Services Group (SMSG) Incubation sales team at Microsoft has listed a list of next billion dollar businesses for Microsoft. The Incubation team’s mission is to take these new business and build, accelerate, and mainstream these businesses for Microsoft.

Here is the list compiled by ZDnet,

Windows Azure: Microsoft’s public cloud business.
Windows Intune: Microsoft’s device management/security service, which is now key to managing Windows RT and Windows Phone 8 devices
Bing Maps: Microsoft’s maps, which got a lot more pricey for developers to license as of last year
StorSimple: The cloud-storage appliance vendor Microsoft bought last year
Perceptive Pixel: Those “Big-ass displays” from the PPI acquisition Microsoft made in 2012
Parallel Data Warehouse: Microsoft’s parallel-processing data warehousing appliance, which integrates directly with Hadoop.

Read more about it from the via link below.

Source: Microsoft via: All About Microsoft

  • blackhawk556

    sadly, windows phone is not listed.

    • XB_Mod

      I agree. But if Microsoft continues the way it does….in a couple of years the real Windows will become a “one billion” business.

      • blackhawk556

        What do you mean by “the real Windows” ?

        Sent from my Windows Phone 8

        • XB_Mod

          It means that if they can’t get their “sh** together with mobile, then in a few years the PC business shrinks and Microsoft is left in the dust.

    • disqustingtard

      Windows Phone will be discontinued. There is no reason to have separate Windows Phone and RT, cellular features can be incorporated in RT and have the Windows Phone or similar GUI and run all the same apps.

      • blackhawk556

        So windows rt will be on phones? Is that what your saying? Doesn’t windows phone and windows share a kernal?? If windows phone is killed, is rt able to support and expand on future hardware at a faster pace??
        Sent from my Windows Phone 8