Microsoft India Online Store Hacked

Microsoft India Online Store was hacked by Chinese hacker group EvilShadow team – 7z1&Ancker, reported techie-buzz. This happened yesterday morning ( IST) and even the user details database was hacked leading to exposed details on usernames & passwords. The worst thing is that the passwords were stored in the servers as plain text. Microsoft took the site down after hours and still working on it to bring the site back online.

Here is the official statement given so far by Microsoft,

Microsoft is investigating the limited compromise of the company’s online store in India. Microsoft is diligently working to remedy the issue and keep our customers protected.”

Digging through the issue, people have pointed out that Microsoft is not running the site by itself and it outsourced it to a 3rd party vendor. Microsoft should be more careful in handing over such projects to 3rd party with poor security audits.

Read more at Techie-buzz.

  • Techman

    did you do some research before posting this sensational article? the website is run by a re-seller. microsoft does not even own rights to the domain. this is nothing different from best buy’s website getting account which is authorised to sell apple products!

    • nishantcop

      Does it really matter, if it is third party maintaining it? It is still a prosperity for MSFT.

      It sounds like Apple success is not their own success its is the success of the company whom Apple outsource the product manufacturing?

      Just giving a food for thought 😛