Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 Surpasses IE9 In Marketshare

Net Applications has released their monthly numbers for June, and their data shows IE10 has now officially surpassed IE9’s marketshare.  IE10 now commands 13.52% of browser marketshare and IE9 at 11.71%.  Just two months ago, IE9 had 15.39% and IE10 had 9.26%.  IE10 is only available on Windows 7 & Windows 8.

IE11 was not counted in this month’s report, considering Windows 8.1 was just released a few days ago.  Microsoft confirmed IE11 will come to Windows 7,  but would not confirm the timeframe; sources close to Microsoft-news tell us it will be released early Q1 2014.


  • counterblow

    stupid fucking idiot XP users…that is the only reason IE8 is still 22%

    • Johan Spånberg

      There’s still some problems with porting bigger company software-suites from XP to newer systems unfortunately… And the pirated copies out there are also a big problem.

      • counterblow

        if that’s still a problem the companies should really consider if their vendor has their best interests at heart. It is 2013 and there is ZERO reasons not to have your software compatible with Windows 7. ZERO.

        • jimski27

          Well said. Its time for XP users to move on, or up actually. The clock is ticking.