Microsoft Introduces Free Open Source Javascript Tool BrowserStorm


In partnership with appendTo and Sauce Labs Microsoft has introduced BrowserSwarm, an open source tool that helps Web developers automate testing of their JavaScript frameworks and libraries across devices and browsers.  This is especially helpful to developers who are resource limited in building great, interoperable frameworks.  This is a second such project by Microsoft, the first being modern.IE.

If you are interested in helping grow BrowserSwarm:

  • More projects – Add yours to BrowserSwarm here.
  • More test cases – Contribute new Unit Test Frameworks or Test Cases to run.
  • More places you store your code – We have connected BrowserSwarm to GitHub, but you can connect it to your own repository.

The team is also hoping that you share your feedback and ideas on how they might improve BrowserSwarm.

Source: IE Blog

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  • Yuan Taizong

    This is great news for developers, Microsoft must have a Web Apps store for Internet Explorer similar to Google Chrome’s, I.E. has the highest market share, and having an ordered place for all their web-apps would be good.

    • JReuben1

      are you aware of just how many open source javascript test automation tools there are on the market ? This is just another one.