Microsoft Is Increasing The Price Of Office 365 For Enterprise Customers By Up To 15 Percent

Microsoft has recently revealed that they are increasing the price for Office 365 enterprise customers by up to 15 percent. Customers with Office 365  E suites (E1, E3 and E4), plus equivalent Government SKUs will have this new increased price. As as expected, Office Software Assurance (SA) or old Enterprise Agreement customers will not be affected with this price change.

A Microsoft provided the following statement about this price increase,

“The vast majority of our customers will not see an increase in the cost of Office 365. All existing Office 365 EA customers are guaranteed prices will not change for the duration of their agreement. New Office 365 EA customers who don’t have a previous investment in our products will see an increase to align our pricing to our other channels.”

In an effort to counter this price increase, Microsoft will be offering greater discounts will be offered for Office 365 E1, E3 and E4 subscriptions, which will be priced at $8, $20 and $22, respectively.

via: ZDNet, BetaNews

  • ZloiYuri

    Well, it’s a good help for Google Docs…

    • Michael-Patrick Richter

      not really.

      • ZloiYuri

        Strictly letter to letter you are right. But will think small business now? “We are the next”

  • Joe Vining

    They just lowered these prices maybe a year ago by 20%. Now they’re bringing them back up?

  • Danny

    either Microsoft is dumb or they are just plain greedy

    • Revben Chase Da Kingdom

      The price are still the same with the discount.

      • Danny

        yep but people will still perceive it as expensive. MS used to offer 2010 license for up to 3 pc before for home users. with office 2013 we get 1 license.the 3 license might have been a promo but now it feels expensive and lot of home users have more than 1 pc. even better office is free on certain tablets and considering it bundles a full version of windows 8 PC’s and laptops are hell lot expensive

  • rjmlive

    There are no alternatives at this level of service and features from any company on the planet. Microsoft has already made sure there are no legitimate alternatives for the quality and services at every level of their office suites. All alternatives make compromises, some that people are willing to live with and have stresses people are willing to bear with. Office only has alternatives, not substitutes. There are certainly valid cases for people that don’t need to pay for Office, I don’t disagree with that. But for government-level software and reliability, it would be a shame if an advertising company tricked them into a compromised, higher priced, incomplete suite of products… mind you, that’s how governments tend to work.