Microsoft Is Making Software Download Safe And Easier On Bing

Bing Software Download

Along with the improvements related to technical search terms in Bing, Microsoft today announced improvements to searches related to software download. As we all know, people rely on search engines to download the software they need. When people try to download software from the web, the look at the following factors,

  1. Cost: Free or paid?
  2. Download Site: Official or verified site to download
  3. Reviews : Rating of the software
  4. Related: Are there any similar products which might be better?
  5. Safety: Risk of malicious software

Based on these factors, Bing team has developed a search results page which will look like the above. In the example above, we were searching for “Audacity” which is a sound recording and editing tool. As you can see, the entity pane provides pertinent information like:

  1. Quick description about the product including the official logo.
  2. Cost information is provided right at the top
  3. Official as well as trusted download locations are provided
  4. Reviews from different sources are aggregated and shown. Individual reviews links are also provided.

This enables people to easily find the right software directly from the authoritative source without having to take additional steps.

Read more about it here.

  • Men’s Rights Groningen

    Bing is already the best search engine… that aside I don’t see it on my (American) Bing yet… :-(

  • GreetingsEarthling

    Those ads doh.

  • jimski27

    Good move Bing. Almost nobody looks at #2. And I am left cleaning the crapware off their machines.

    • PoohGQ

      Oh, yes! I know that feeling..