Microsoft Is Now Helping You To Increase Your Website Performance With The New IE11 Challenge

If I tell people that Internet Explorer 11 is the fastest web browser available right now on Windows, most of the people won’t even believe it. But, its the truth. IE11 is 9% faster than IE10 and nearly 30% faster than the nearest competitive browser. To make the whole web experience is faster, Microsoft is helping web developers/owners to make their website faster. They have announced a new challenge where if you show them how you got 11% better page load performance in your organization’s home web page, you may get some cool goodies. Read more about it below.

Now that we’ve improved IE’s performance, we’re challenging YOU to improve the performance of YOUR site! If you can get 11% better page load performance from your site, we’ll send you and your team some 11 goodness:

· 11 pizzas to feed your team

· 11 copies of Parallels Desktop Virtualization

· 11 one-year subscriptions to BrowserStack testing

And to give you a little help, we’re releasing new performance scanning tools on modern.IE. You can get a complete teardown of how these work on the IE Blog here.

Use any tools you want for the 11% challenge. Use modern.IE and the F12 Developer Tools, the web community’s or Google’s PageSpeed Insights. It’s all good.

This offer is limited to the first 11 organizations that qualify.  For complete details and to enter your site, start here.

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  • Joe_HTH

    That would be fine if my IE 11 worked properly. IE worked perfectly before the 8.1 update. Now it freezes, sometimes doesn’t display websites right, and is generally screwed. Fix it Microsoft, and no the recent update didn’t help.

    • cr_buck

      Joe. I have 7 devices running Windows 8.1 with IE11 right now without the problem you describe after some hiccups. The issues where that did occur turned out to be either an BHO, a poorly written website, or a cache corruption issue. You could always try resetting the browser to factory to see. I will admit there are some websites though they just don’t seem to work with IE11 unless it is in compatibility and 1 or 2 others that just plain don’t work. Strangely those only work on Chrome and nothing else and even messed up in Safari??? Weird since they are both Webkit.

    • Guest

      Performance is awesome on my machine (8.1 64). Not having any trouble with freezes. Only rendering issue I’m seeing is with RSS feeds, specifically feedburner-based ones.

  • Me too

    Let me guess – you have to design a site only for IE 11 (no backwards compatibilty) and remove all tags that allow for Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.

    • cr_buck

      It’s funny you say that because the browser agent for IE11 is “Like Gecko” so you couldn’t just target IE11. Plus they removed the browser specific extensions so it would have to be compliant meaning it would work in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari unlike Google which is writing in specific Webkit extensions that only work in Chrome. It’s funny how the roles have switched. It took Microsoft getting destroyed in market share but it looks like they have learned at least some ability to be humble where Google seems to be the “new” Microsoft.

    • Mark

      Instead of guessing, why don’t you just read and get educated?

      “It’s important to note that the web site performance issues were typically not browser-specific. Just about all modern browsers performed the same set of operations, it’s just a case of having a good set of developer tools that can identify the bottlenecks. The changes identified here will make all browsers load faster, not just Internet Explorer.”