Microsoft Is Still Working On Windows RT 8.1 Issue Fix, Points To Availability Of Recovery Media

Surface 2 Silver

Microsoft today sent out an updated statement to the media regarding the Surface RT 8.1 update issue. Microsoft pulled the Windows RT 8.1 update from Windows Store after few users raised concerns about their device getting bricked after the update. Microsoft then acknowledged the update situation and confirmed that they are working on a fix for the issue. According to Microsoft’s statement today, they are still fixing the issue and trying to release the update as soon as possible.

“Based on our investigations of a situation customers have encountered updating to Windows RT 8.1, we can confirm that as of now this is a Windows update issue only affecting Surface RT customers. While only less than 1 out of every 1,000 (or less than 0.1 percent) Surface RT customers who have installed Windows RT 8.1 have been impacted, improving their experience and ensuring their systems are fully operable as quickly as possible is our number one priority.

We have made recovery media available for download here along with actionable guidance for affected customers. We continue to work towards making the Windows RT 8.1 update available in the Windows Store again and apologize for any inconvenience. Further updates will be provided as they become available.”

Earlier today, Surface RT Recovery Image For Windows RT Now Available For Download.

  • SategB

    So this is only affecting 7-9 thousand owners with most if these being MSFT loyalist who will accept a few hick- ups with new product.

    That’s good news maybe in hindsight it was good that MSFT sold nowhere close to the 4 million Surface RTs they built.

    • whatup12

      many more bought these after the write-down–so there are far more out in the wild. i was one of those that bought a refurbished one for 200…though this didn’t affect me as i turned it in to best buy for 200 a few weeks back and now waiting for the surface 2. :)

      • SategB

        Your right. I also forgot the numberious amount of units that was given away.

        • whatup12

          Yep–and hopefully each of those represent a new purchase down the line…

    • nohone

      Meanwhile Apple is recalling a bunch of MacBook Air because of failing components. So this is only affecting 7-9 thousand owners with most of these being Apple loyalist who will accept many hick- ups with new product.

      • SategB

        Wow I had not heard that yet. If my memory holds, you are right Apple takes pretty good care of their customers.