Microsoft Is Working To Bring Cortana Experience To Windows

Microsoft revealed Cortana digital assistant for Windows Phone devices at BUILD developer conference. During a Reddit session, Joe hinted that Cortana may come to Windows devices too. As Microsoft has intentionally built Cortana to scale out to all the different domains, the goal is to support all types of human interaction—whether it’s speech, text, or gestures—across domains of information and function and make it as easy as a natural conversation. So, we can expect Cortana on Windows in the future. A recent Microsoft job listing has confirmed the same. It says that they need people to help them redefine the personalization experience on Windows using Cortana.

Do you want to be part of the team that is building the next generation of Cortana? We are looking for strong and motivated developers to help shape the Evolution of the next generation of Microsoft’s Digital Assistant – Cortana! The landscape of digital assistant is challenging, exciting, and ground-breaking space. Being part of the Cortana team you will have the opportunity to push the frontier, redefine the personalization experience on Windows. You can help create serendipitous moments of discovery and satisfaction for the users and enable signature experiences that make Windows your indispensable companion in the real world. We also own the search experience, which is one of the premier and most used experiences in Windows.

Source: Microsoft Careers via: Liveside

  • PoohGQ

    That should be the end result of all the research on mobile anyway! I see Surface PCs dominating in another 5 years. Cortana should be in full swing by then.. and should be able to babysit the kids at home while the parents are at work..!


    This is great however Microsoft needs to sort Bin g out for non-US countries ASAP, we’re in UK and still suffering, they finally implemented the WiKi results on the side on number of accounts then this week the feature is gone again!

    • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

      I don’t even use the non-American Bing, I’m Netherlandish (yes, that’s a word) and I only use American Bing, Dutch Bing makes me ashamed of even ”Binging” for results, and the local results are rubbish, Microsoft needs to sort it out, you can use Scroogle in any form, and the results are always the same, whether you use Scroogle Viet-Nam, Scroogle Netherlands, Scroogle U.K. or Scroogle U.S.A. all the results are the same, and localization rarely occurs, but when it does it does it correctly, American Bing is better than any form of Scroogle, and Chinese Bing comes very close (to American Bing), but for some reason Microsoft is (intentionally) making Bing bad abroad, Dutch Bing is rubbish, Viet-Namese Bing only supports Tieng Viet, Scroogle Viet-Nam also supports Traditional-Chinese and French, British Bing is only good for images, and don’t even get me started on Bing in ”unknown locations” like Bing Trinidad & Tobago, Bing Philippines, Bing South-Korea, Etc. Bing Japan has 1 or 2 cool unique features, and Bing Shopping still works there (and to a certain extend also in the U.K.), but in general Bing ”international” lacks…

  • NGM123

    How about releasing it worldwide ! So sick of being treated like a second class citizen because I don’t live in Merica.

    • Sai Das

      Do keep things in context. This is definitely a First World “problem”. There are literally billions of people that would love to have such “problems” such as this.

  • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

    I really can’t wait to get Cortana on my P.C. and it (*cough* *cough* ”’she” *cough* *cough*) would do great on the Xbox One with the Kinect. 😀

  • TheCyberKnight

    I just can’t believe the Windows 8.x version project hasn’t been started at the same time.
    Seriously, what we’re they thinking?

    • Vincent Haakmat

      Who says it didn’t? You never know.. It’s easier to be location aware on a phone than on a PC that may not have those sensors. However I do believe that Microsoft is already using it internally testing it with windows 8.1.2

      • TheCyberKnight

        You’re right, I don’t.
        Meanwhile, signs indicate that it will be part of the “Threshold” in Spring 2015. It should ship this Fall, with the next Windows update.

        I’ll be the first surprised if they actually release it this year. One advise… don’t hold your breath.

  • redtidal

    Finally. With more users, and better conditions (at home, more private), the integration will help Cortana learn better and ready to take over the internet, then the world.

    I bow to thee, my AI goddess.

  • Schooner1984

    It’s just a matter of time until I can chat with Cortana on my PC, Surface Pro 3, Windows Phone and xbone.

  • James

    I cant wait to be able to tell cortana to Turn on m xbox and start whatever game I have ready , then when I get home boom xbox is on and ready. Integration between the devices via Cortana would be a game changer