Microsoft Kinect Supported NuAds Are Coming In Spring

Microsoft first showed us the concept of NuAds at Cannes Ad festival followed by the AdWeek conference. Now a famous ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi is planning to bring NuAds in action for consumers this Spring. What are NuAds ?? Advertisements that are supported by Kinect sensor along with Xbox 360 that allows you to interact with the ad. For example, Using voice commands, gamers will be able to send messages about an ad to a social networking site like Twitter by saying “Xbox Tweet.” Advertisers who want to send more information about a product or promotion associated with a campaign can prompt Xbox users to say “Xbox More,”

For advertising tied to events like television shows, advertisers can prompt a user to say “Xbox Schedule” and the system will send a text message reminder to the user’s mobile phone. Similarly, advertisers can prompt users to say “Xbox Near Me” and a map to the nearest retailer will be sent to their mobile phone. Finally, advertisers can prompt users to vote on a topic by asking the user to wave their hand in front of the console and select their favorite pizza topping, superhero or clothing brand.

That sounds interesting right ?? You can watch the NuAds in action from the above video from 2 minute mark.

via: Next at Microsoft Blog

  • J A

    Although this is early concept, hopefully corporations don’t see NUads as a distraction form their TV ads especially since the ads seem to pause or fade to the background when the user engages the NUads. There should be a transparent overlay and streamlined resume of what the user was enjoying.

  • Eingoluq

    Nice concept, but in theory, you dont really need kinect. Similar functionality can be achieved with Google TV and a remote… its just not as interactive.