Microsoft Launches Improved Bing Image Search Experience


Microsoft Bing today announced the new improved Image search experience. Microsoft updated its Bing Image search experience with new look few months back and now they are improving it even further. The new design brings a new image viewer that allows you to browse images with fast and ease in a clean UI.

We completely redesigned the image viewer, putting the spotlight on the picture and stripping out anything that got in the way. We “dimmed the lights” around the photo, adding a darker look that makes it easier on the eyes and lets your results shine in high definition.

We even introduced full-screen mode: just click “View larger” to give it a try.

We know that one picture isn’t always enough. With the new design, we’ve made it easier than ever to browse through your results, with the introduction of larger filmstrip at the bottom of the screen. You can click the big arrows on either side of the picture to go forward or back, or just press the arrow keys ( and ) on your keyboard.

You can check it out yourself with cute puppies, Antelope Canyon, or the Carina nebula. Read more about it from the source link below.

Source: Bing

  • Adrian

    Nice! I like it! :)

  • redtidal

    I noticed that yesterday, at first, it was confusing, I thought I have left Bing image search and landed on another site, then I realized what is happening here.

    Very nice, still take a while to get used to, as the navigation and layout are a bit more busy now.

    • PoohGQ

      I noticed it 3 days ago after a fresh install of Windows 8, surprisingly! It is the same engine used for SkyDrive Image viewer. I actually like it a lot, especially in metro IE10. It appears to blend in with the whole metro UI (F*** Modern UI).

      • redtidal

        LoL, deep down in our heart, we will forever whisper, “metro.”