Microsoft Launches “Microsoft by the Numbers” Site To Show Some Stats

Microsoft Numbers

Microsoft today launched a new web page called “Microsoft by the Numbers” which is a collection of visual statistics about Microsoft products and services. It has many interesting stats as follows,

– Skype users spend up to 2 billion minutes per day using the service.
– Microsoft’s employee Giving campaign has donated $1 billion to over 31,000 charities.
– has over 400 million active users and is the world’s fastest-growing email service
– MSN received 5.8 billion page views worldwide in June 2013.

Read more from the link below.

Check out the website here. Download the numbers as pdf here.

  • Bugbog

    So much for the old dinosaur!”

  • Novus

    And Skype has a revenue of less than $1billion per year. That’s pathetic.

    • Beef Doctor

      how much do you make a year with your VoIP service? oh that’s right, shut the fuck up.

    • wp77

      I work for a company with 3,000 employees that would love to have that sort of pathetic revenue!

      • Guest

        It didn’t come for free. MS spent $7.5 acquiring it, and hundreds of millions more upgrading its deficient infrastructure. Between price paid, legal, integration and upgrade costs, we’re probably well north of $8, possibly $9b+. And for that they get a revenue run rate of $1 billion a year. But it’s not free to operate. In fact it’s very expensive. All previous owners lost money on it. So even if you assume MS has managed to make it profitable, which they haven’t confirmed, there’s little reason to think it’s strongly so. So, still want an “investment” like that for your company?

  • Guest

    MS still thinks its main problem is PR, when in fact it’s now competitive. Numbers like this, which clearly have been cherry picked and don’t tell the full story even in the areas they relate to, won’t convince anyone. It’s a waste of money putting up a site like this.

    The company needs to demonstrate it can win back share in phones and tablets specifically, and beat Google and Apple more generally. Unless or until it can do that, cynicism about MS’s future will continue, and no amount of glitzy PR is going to change that.

    • nohone

      And yet, Google spent $12.5B to buy Motorola, they lost money according to Google’s last quarterly report, the billions Google thought they would get in the patent legal action against Microsoft’s Xbox was tossed out of court, and with all the glitzy PR that Google has behind Android has not done one thing to boost their bottom line, and, in fact, has made them worse off.
      So while Microsoft bought a product that they are now using to integrate not their services, is turning a profit, and getting substantial wins against Google – nobody uses Google voice, and they shut down Google talk – you can keep believing that somehow this is a negative against Microsoft and Google is the winner, but you are very wrong.
      And I predict that within the next year Google will take a write down on Motorola, because that $12.5B they spent got them nothing, and Samsung is still trouncing them with Google’s own OS.