Microsoft Launches Microsoft Store On eBay

Microsoft Store eBay

Microsoft today announced the launch of Microsoft Store on eBay in the US. It is basically within eBay. Microsoft is expanding their online retail presence with this move. As you can expect, all Microsoft products from Xbox to Surface are available.

Our customers continue to tell us they want more choice, value and service and appreciate how our stores connect them to the best of Microsoft. This delights us to no end. By working with eBay, a top global shopping destination with more than 124 million active users globally, even more customers can now purchase their favorite Microsoft first-party products including Surface and Xbox, as well as accessories. Our customers can expect the same safe online shopping experience, return policy and free shipping from the Microsoft Store on eBay that they’ve come to expect on

Visit Microsoft Store on eBay.

  • sri_tech

    Nice but Microsoft need to realize that world is lot bigger than US.

    Why they are not releasing Surface in India.
    Microsoft is the only company that’s ignoring India.

    Google is selling nexus phones, tablets and chromebooks. They even opened android stores.
    Apple releasing all their products within 1-2 months of US release. They even had special promotions.

    No surface RT release. No surface 2 release.

    If not for Nokia, WP would have been dead long back.

    • nohone

      When will Tata realize that the world is a lot bigger than India? Outside of Jaguar and Land Rover (which they only have in the US because they were already there before Tata bought them) none of their cars and other products are here. Why not, Tata? Why are you ignoring the US? Why do you hate the US?

      • Guest

        Why does nohone try so hard to defend legitimate criticism of MSFT and wanting to start fights he will use a embarrassing irrelevant, and a some would say racist analogy about a car company?

        • wp77

          How exactly is anything he said racist?

          • nohone

            “Guest” likes to follow me around, saying this type of thing, and just general trolling. He has been trying to get my personal information, why I don’t know. I have decided to ignore him, let him play his little games, and I suggest others do also.

          • Guest

            Pot meet Kettle

          • Guest

            I am sure you see, for one would have to be an idiot not to, his reference to the OP nations car company would not have been made if the OP was from say, Canada. It was to be argumentative and degrading, some would say.

      • smity smiter

        Because Indian Tata cars don’t meet the standards/features/quality of the Western cars. The reason is as simple as that.

        • nohone

          I know. The $2000 Nano would never work in the US. But there are other products that Tata makes that is not available in the US, other than Jag and Land Rover. I think they do some consulting services. But the largest company in the world with half a million employees, they could do a lot more in the US. But they don’t – and that is the point. The largest (in number of employees) company in the world cannot make all their products available in the US, and no one complains about that. But a Microsoft product is delayed shipping to specific countries, and that makes them a horrible company.

          • Guest

            Is it so hard just to say “yes Microsoft should make it available in a big market as India” rather then make some straw man argument about a car company to excuse a mistake?

          • smity smiter

            You must be misinformed, Tata consultancies have branches in the US too, but obviously not as many as in India. There are valid reasons for what you just said:

            – Products are physical entities, producing in India and exporting to the US is extremely expensive. (If produced in the US, it’ll be like 20x the cost of production compared to India).
            Except for Jag and LR, no automotive parts or products are worth exporting to the US.

            – Consultancy services, India is stereotyped for “the outsourcing destination” for a reason, labour cost is 10x cheaper in India, why would they provide the same services in the US 10x the expenses and with no justifiable profits?

            But MS’s services being digital, is MUCH easier to distribute compared to what I just listed above. For eg,
            – Local Scout feature works absolutely fine in India (I’ve used it setting my phone’s region to US) but is not available in India.

            – Locate your phone on Bing Maps is not available in India

            Just 2 examples out of many.

            Now, XBox and Surfaces, Apple have their presence in India. MS which is as big as Apple or maybe bigger, why do they keep ignoring a HIGH POTENTIAL market like India?

    • Abdul9

      Don’t worry its natural. Sorry to offend any normal American but most of the Americans i have spoken to are so arrogant, they don’t want to here anything outside what concerns the US directly and add to that that most of them don’t like to think for themselves, they only sprout what they are being told like a machine gun. What even annoys me more is when people act like criticizing a company means you hate them, the people that hate the company most are those who just accept anything they are given cos the company is not going to evolve that way.

  • Nham Thien Duong

    Good, Microsoft needs to push themselves more. Bing Shopping could’ve made a great place for this.