Microsoft Launches New “Keep Your Email Private” Campaign Against Google’s Gmail


Many are not aware of this fact. If you’re a Gmail user, Google scans all of your sent and received messages, extracts keywords that they think are relevant to you, and then uses that data to target you with ads. All email service providers protect your inbox by scanning for spam, phishing attempts and malware, but not all email providers use the words from your email to show you ads. Microsoft is focusing on this point with a new campaign titled “Keep Your Email Private” against Google’s Gmail to protect user’s privacy.

Google goes through every Gmail that’s sent or received, looking for keywords so they can target Gmail users with paid ads. And there’s no way to opt out of this invasion of your privacy.

Watch the video below.

Visit Keep Your Email Private for more details.

  • Tech_Reader

    I have been repulsed by Google’s privacy policy and their data gathering methods from the start, so I use for my work, friends and more.. !
    But previous to this, I was using live and hotmail services.. so I have been in the clear most of the time.. !
    Even the email service setup from Live is better than Google’s corporate accounts.

    • Peter Kremzar

      I use Gmail for my Junk mail and subscriptions where I suspect SPAM. I don’t mind Google searches my SPAM mail.
      But I use Outlook for more serious correspondence.

  • smity smiter

    “ivatepray” were they trying to show “encryption”? Or does it mean anything else?

    • nohone

      Not sure if serious or not, but that is pig-Latin. Take away the -ay, and move the -pr to the front and you get private. Although it is also a bit of a joke, pray that you have privacy with Google.

      • smity smiter

        Uh, I know it’s jumbled “privacy”, I was just asking if they did that to show something relevant to encryption.

  • Habib Wakil

    I’ll say it again…this site doesn’t display well on a Windows Phone…it downright sucks!

    • Beezer

      I’ve been saying that forever, this and Microsoft news.

  • mckayhb09

    I’m more worried about them BOTH sharing my data with the NSA than targeting ads.