Microsoft Launches OneDrive, Intros New Monthly Storage Plans

As announced earlier, Microsoft today launched OneDrive to the general public. OneDrive is the same service which you enjoyed as SkyDrive in the past few years, now it has been rebranded due to legal issues. It offers 7GB of free storage space for everyone who signs up. You will also get 3 GB when you connect your camera rolls, 500 MB for users who refer their friends. You can also get extra storage as part of an Office 365 subscription. 20 GB per person or up to 100 GB per household when you share your subscription benefits.

If you want more storage, you can additional 50GB for $25, 100GB for $50 and 200GB for $100. Microsoft also announecd new monthly plans for OneDrive storage. Starting at $4.49 a month for 50GB and going up to $11.49 a month for 200GB.

Go to for more details.

  • donzebe

    Nice, One can actually get up to 10 GB free,

  • Nham Thien Duong

    I wonder if the camera roll thing also works here on Windows Phone, as it is by default, ¿is that storage permanent? I sure hope so. :-

    • donzebe

      I hope too so, I really think Microsoft should give windows phone user a little more, instead of 7, bump to 10 and 5 more if you choose to upload photos. Windows phone user need to feel special.

    • Jeff Hung

      I got the 3G for camera roll without doing anything. I guess they know I have a Windows Phone.
      And yes, it is permanent. When I check my storage space, it lists how my space added up. I only see one expiration date for “Enthusiast bonus”, which is a 20GB 1-year bonus for Windows Phone users. The 3GB “Camera roll bonus” along with 3GB “Microsoft Store bonus” do not have an expiration date (I got the latter at the day the 1st gen. Surface hit the shelves, so I’m sure it doesn’t expire).

  • PoohGQ

    Cool! I now have 28GB free!

  • Gman

    OMG I now have 271 GB

  • Jeff Hung

    I’m very satisfied with my OneDrive space. Since I put the SkyDrive (I wonder if MS will eventually change the name on current devices via Windows Update) sync folder on a 64G microSD card in my Surface, it might be a hassle if I got more than 64G.

    • Prayaas

      Haha, don’t you already? I guess you should’ve got the 200 GB with your Surface.

      EDIT: Yup, SkyDrive changes to OneDrive through an update called Windows 8.1 Update 1 (I know it sounds cumbersome) on March 11 or April 8 (more likely)