Microsoft Launches Xbox Fan Feedback Portal, Vote For Upcoming Favorite Features

Microsoft today released a new fan feedback portal: Xbox Feedback where users can submit their feature requests, vote for other features and more.

Xbox fans are great at letting us know what they like about Xbox, and what they’d like us to do better.  Whether on, NeoGAF, Reddit, Twitter, forums, or in person at events, we are always listening to what our fans have to say. Your passionate feedback has been a key factor in many of our decisions over the course of the last year.

That’s why today we’re rolling out a new fan feedback portal: Xbox Feedback. It’s a place where Xbox fans from around the world can submit their ideas for Xbox – any idea – and have people vote on it. Because everything will happen on one site, we’ll be able to get a better idea of which ideas are truly the most important to Xbox fans. The best part: the ideas, comments, and votes will be tallied up and presented to the Xbox design, engineering, and operations teams on a very regular basis.

Ready to contribute? Head over to to submit your idea, or vote on others. Be sure to read the FAQ and Posting Guidelines before you get started. With your help, we’ll continue to make Xbox the best place to play.

  • Microsoft-Fanboy Nederland

    This is another UserVoice site which is awesome, there already is one for Windows Phone, Cortana, and Xbox Music, it’s great to also see one for Xbox. 😀

  • MoeHD7

    This is good nice to see MS find more ways to connect with their gamers!