Microsoft Launches Xbox Video On The Web, Lets You Stream Movies And TV Shows Through Your Web Browser

Xbox Video Web App

Microsoft today launched the Xbox Video on the web. will let you browse through Xbox Video Store and search your favorite videos. You can both buy and rent movies and videos from the web interface. Not only you can buy them, you can stream directly within your web browser. The only drawback is that you won’t be able to stream the videos in HD. Microsoft is expected to release a Windows Phone app for Xbox Video service in the coming weeks.

Check out Xbox video on the web here.

  • Liberal Republic

    It requires a Silverlight plugin. Why wouldn’t MS release metro browser with Silverlight built in? Sometimes, I don’t understand how MS works. They would allow videos that require Silverlight on the metro browser but they go ahead and build a site that requires Silverlight. There are many sites that require Silverlight or Windows media and they are not supported on the metro browser.

    • redtidal

      Microsoft is not a single big company, but consists of many big companies.

      That was the way Ballmer set up. Now he realizes how bad it has become.

      Hopefully the reorganization will improve the unity a bit.

      • nohone

        It was setup that way to keep the company together. Everybody forgets that during the first decade of the 2000s, any coordination between different groups within Microsoft would require DOJ oversight, cause complaints from any company that competed with Microsoft, and incur the wrath of any person who used non-Microsoft products.
        Ballmer had to keep the company fragmented to keep it together, and now he is being criticized for it.

        • Liberal Republic

          We are not criticizing Ballmer. I like Ballmer. Under his reign, the profits soared. The company is more diversified unlike apple. My only criticism is he was late to combat iPad and iPhone.
          For some strange reason, Stock market didn’t react positively. I wonder if DOJ oversight was responsible for this.

          • nohone

            Criticizing him is exactly what redtidal did; he claims that Ballmer set the company up that way, and because of how Ballmer set it up it is now bad.
            And they were not late. Windows Mobile was available years before with a icon grid UI layout, and icons placed at the bottom of the screen – something Apple likes to drag into court over when other companies do it. I even had WMP on my PocketPCs and WM Phones before Apple even introduced iPod. Microsoft had tablets (through their partners) years before Steve Jobs “invented” the tablet computer.
            The one thing that Microsoft is really, and I mean really bad at is the timing of when they introduce things. Microsoft likes to invent, and then get it out the door as fast as they can, quite often before the technology in the components (screen, processor, battery, etc) are there. Apple will sit back, let others do all the work, wait until the market is about to turn, steal the idea, and then whine when other companies have what they just stole.

          • Bugbog

            The Masters of illusion!

        • Nham Thien Duong

          It’s funny how most members of the American government all have Apple products, the Daily Show did a bit on how they got away with anything, yet Microsoft almost got broken up because they shipped Internet Explorer with Windows, I know how much of a big deal it was in the past, but still today Microsoft is forced to show everyone that I.E. is not the only browser, while no-other company is required to-do so, this is a clear double standard no-one talks about.

    • TheFourteenthDoctor

      If you’re on a device with a Metro browser, then you’re on a device that has the Xbox Video app built in, in which case you don’t need to watch your videos through the browser.

      • Liberal Republic

        For Xbox video we have an app. For many sites that use Silverlight we don’t have apps. Don’t you think it was foolish for MS not to include their own technologies in their own browser? That is sad.

        • nohone

          Actually, this is a problem because of the people who will fight Microsoft at every turn. When the iPad was introduced, suddenly Flash was no longer a good thing because Steve Jobs told iPad that they no longer want flash. And so browser plugins became verboten. Silverlight suffered because it was introduced right at this time, and it is more or less dead. Why add a dead product to your new ones?
          The problem is that the Apple people fought against plugins, and now that they have them they cant watch movies through the browser because the current spec for HTML5 video does not support DRM (although this will be changing).

        • TheFourteenthDoctor

          Microsoft didn’t allow plugins, including their own. I commend them for that decision, as it was more fair than most companies would have done.
          The obvious exception is Flash. But even that was added begrudgingly.

  • Nham Thien Duong