Microsoft Licenses Flight Simulator Game Franchise To Dovetail Games, New Game Coming In 2015

Microsoft Flight Simulator 1

Great news for Microsoft Flight Simulator fans. Microsoft has licensed Flight Simulator franchise to Dovetail Games, creator of the Train Simulator franchise. Dovetail games will now develop games for this franchise and the first game is expected to be released in 2015. Dovetail will also bring 2006’s Flight Simulator X: Gold Edition to Steam. This will include all of the content from the Deluxe Edition and the Acceleration expansion pack and will release later this year.

ACES Studio, which was responsible for the Flight Simulator franchise inside Microsoft was shut down by Microsoft during its layoffs in 2009. After few years, Microsoft released Microsoft Flight for Windows uses and later it was also discontinued. Licensing this to 3rd party studio is a great move by Microsoft that should please gamers of this franchise.

  • mickey40

    How about a flight simulator where I and up to three of my friends can each on our own phone fly a plane in the same airspace, where we can see each other, fly in formation, or chase each other? With low power Bluetooth and quad-core processors and great multitasking this should be possible. The next step would include 3D GPS maps and fly all over the country or even the world. This could sell more cell phones than you might imagine. It could be great practice for flying drones. The technology is ready. Do it. Somebody will.