Microsoft Life=Windows+Information +Entertainment

How will it be when you live a Microsoft life? Haven’t imagined that yet? Here is an example for that. Ramaprasanna Chellamuthu, a Developer Evangelist from Microsoft India have done a project called Winfotain. Winfotain denotes Windows + Information + Entertainment. First starting from his car which includes a special work done by him using Microsoft’s revolutionary Kinect. The car will be able to prevent accident using face recognition by alarming when driver sleeps while driving and even allow you to drive in the dark using its Depth map camera. Pretty amazing concept right? Wait, that’s not the end of the story. You can plug your laptop or tablet in the car. The Windows Slate placed in the car dashboard allows us to work from car, for example attend a conference call or watch a live sports action taking place that you don’t want to miss. You get the full blown PC experience right from browsing, playing games to streaming your favourite audio and video directly from Zune even turn by turn navigation using beautiful Bing Maps.

So Living a Microsoft life will make you enjoy the life to the fullest extent. Jump In.

  • Dan

    This dude is watching a game of Cricket while driving!!! And then, he joins a video conference while driving!!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, people think texting while driving is an issue. Wait till people start to check their Facebook and alll that other important things. /s

    I cannot believe Microsoft would even allow him to demonstrate such things while he was driving.

    • Ramaprasanna

      you can check FB status / play games when you are waiting in a signal or when you are in a traffic jam.. not necessarily when you are driving.. :) .

      • cleverclogs

        NO. If you are in the drivers seat, you are driving. Two hands should always be on the wheel, and you should 100 % be concentrating on the road and traffic conditions no matter WHAT light you’re sat at.

  • Charlotte Harborough

    Don’t worry tho, he gave her a pearl necklace instead ;]