Microsoft Lists Five Of The Hardest Achievements On Xbox 360

Xbox 360 Hardest Achievements

Microsoft recently listed some of the hardest achievements on Xbox 360. If you are relaxing on this lazy Sunday, just try earning some of these achievements. Some of them are really hard. For example, the first achievement listed below will be awarded when you kill no fewer than 10,000 people in ranked multiplayer sessions on Gears of War. And another in Halo Reach when you complete all mission in the game with Legendary Difficulty.

Game: Gears of War

Halo: Reach
“A Monument to All Your Sins”

Achievement: “No Point in Dying”
Gamerscore: 10

Game: Duke Nukem Forever
Achievement: “Balls of Steel”
Gamerscore: 25

Game:South Park: Let’s Go Tower Defense Play
Achievement: “MANBEARPIG!”
Gamerscore: 20

Read about each of the achievements in detail from the link below.

Source: Xbox Wire

  • DarthTigris

    “A Monument to All Your Sins” isn’t near worthy of being on this list. Basically if I’VE done it, it’s not top 5 worthy. There are others out there I wouldn’t even attempt.

  • DavidinCT

    how about “mile high club” on MW1 ? Heared this was one of the hardest …ever

    • Frits Lederhosen

      Yeah that one is definitely harder than simply completing Halo on Legendary. Mile High Club took me like 200 tries and a lot of frustration, lol.