Microsoft makes top 10 list of most admired companies

The way Microsoft is covered in the media one may think the company has about as much credibility as a fumbling buffoon.

According to Fortune and CNN Money however, top business people disagree, rating the company as one of the leaders in innovation, and in encouraging and performing new business ideas.

Seeking Alpha notes about Microsoft:

With amazing products rolling out every year like Xbox Kinect, Windows Phone 7, Bing and Windows 7, Microsoft gets one of the best ratings from CEOs. Microsoft has a low P/E ratio of 11.10, and it supports a forward P/E ratio of 9.49. Microsoft had an EPS growth of 13.34% over the last five years. Microsoft is an immensely profitable company with a net profit margin of 30.8%. Given the current price of $26, Microsoft is dirt cheap. We expect the stock to beat the market with a large margin.

Likely this will do little until Microsoft delivers product upon product that wow a sceptical media, but that might just be in the offing with the Windows 8 push.

  • Anonymous

    Windows 7, Kinect, Windows Phone 7, IE9 don’t count for product upon product? The only issue I can see holding them back now is the time that it takes to get things to market. If MS could speed up the release schedule and stick to great ideas like Courier (why did they kill that one??) I would think they would be well on the way back to the top.

    • Todor Tsvetkov

      If MS released the Courier … Apple’s iPad would be dead by now :D, but if you take a second and think … i personally think that the Courier was a little bit ahead of it’s time, meaning: It’s soo cool and innovative and useful, and just perfect… but i can’t imagine something like the Courier to stand by the iPad … the iPad would look like some toy before it, and now it’s the most popular product. Just the time is not right for the Courier a couple of years ahead … will be looking at some new technologies and the Courier could rise from it’s grave and kill everyone on the market 😀 (like they did with the WP7 … it’s on killing spree as we all know :) )

  • Oshalabi9

    Its a matter of consolidation. Microsoft has msn, bing, zune, xbox, windows player, internet explorer, hotmail. Why couldn’t it be bing mail, bing, bing phone, bing player as a consolidation of ideas. Also how they bring HTML upgrade for their browser for iOS and android before it’s own windows phone 7. The upgrades are terrible, here are no tablets. The flow of ideas are too jagged and not vertical enough within its product line that sometimes makes things too confusing. The bing app for the iPad is a great release that shows the direction that microsoft might with it’s tablet would make the os a great experience and definitely a game changer.

    • nothinbutdatruth

      For why they can’t consolidate. The answers easy; they’re still on probation for anti-trust. I believe it is ending sometime this year though, so you may see that full ecosystem come to fruition. As for building a browser for ios and android instead of WP7, didn’t know they did that. I’ll assume you meant the search app and not to make excuses for them, but Microsoft is a software company. They should put their software on everything so it can build brand awareness. Also windows phone has been out 6 months (or less). You and I both want it to just shoot out the gate instead of drool but at the same time we have to give it time. Yes, the other handset aren’t waiting around but for what it’s worth, as a proud owner of the hd7 (I was a former iphone user, and still kind of use android, mytouch/evo), I think wp7 is a great start. Doesn’t mean its perfect, though.

    • Yes

      If they tried that they would have gotten in trouble with the anti trust guys again