Microsoft May Bring Back The Start Button And Provide Boot To Desktop Option In Windows Blue


According to various reports that emerged in the past few days on the internet, Microsoft may bring back the Start button in the upcoming Windows update codenamed Blue. Microsoft removed the Start button with Windows 8 forcing users to experience the new immersive Start screen experience. This decision didn’t go well with few consumers and lots of enterprise. So, Microsoft may add Start button to bridge the old UX with the new UX.

Also, Microsoft is planning to add boot to desktop option with the upcoming Blue update. It will let users login to Windows straight to desktop instead of the new flashy Start Screen which some enterprise hate to have.

Of course, both the above options are optional, by default it will work as it is already in Windows 8 today.

Read more about it here.

Source: ZDNet

  • Christoffer DrPepper Lundberg

    It is good if they are optional. I personally like Windows 8 just as it is, on a regular desktop computer. I can move around the UI at twice the speed of Windows 7. The Start Button is more of a hindrance than an aid when compared to the Start Screen in my opinion. But, adding them will make all those who dislike Windows 8 a bit more happy. Good one, Microsoft!

    • anny

      I hope that when they talk about the start button they mean a button that sends the user to the start screen not a vista style start menu. I have no problem with a visible button for the start screen.

      • Christoffer DrPepper Lundberg

        Yes, that could work. Also, similar buttons for the other “less intuitive” tasks like “running apps”, “charms” etc. could be something for the masses that don’t get Windows 8 :)

      • TroyGates

        I wouldn’t mind this, an option to visually show the corner “hover” buttons.

  • anny

    Why not put in a button in the lower left that opens the start screen. Microsoft should definitely do this. The button is there right now it is just invisible and tiny.

  • TheHumanOracle

    “According to various reports”

  • MikadoWu

    Please Microsoft….. DON’T DO IT.
    The Start Button NEEDS to DIE, as does all legacy code.

    • NegLewis

      HMm… move to RT.
      There is no Start Button and there is no freaking way to run legacy code…
      Case closed.

      • Kitab

        Well said, NegLewis.

    • frankwick

      Why does it need to die? Why not simply give users a choice and let them work how they want to?

      • robertwade

        Because if you don’t FORCE them to get with the program they never will. They must be forced.

  • Pookiewood

    SIGH! Bring it back for the whiners but PLEASE keep the Shortcut menu to the “Geeky Things” that is there currently!

  • Frank de Boer

    This seems like the logical way to go seeing the disappointing sales. Those who are fond of their silly button can have it back and now also move on to the fantastic OS that is called Windows 8.

  • NegLewis

    As much as I love Metro UI, the concept it’s just in it’s infancy.
    They need to step back and integrate all “legacy” features back in the metro – Like Folders, Tiles customization, Sticky Tiles (pined in a certain place), Multiple Monitors, Start buttons, Menus, infinite scrolling – some apps/controls have no way to scroll to Home-End, Properties… and so on. ++ modern interfaces like gloves, 3D Gestures, Pen… Drivers ++

    I hope Windows Blue will come with a more Crisp and Integrated Concept & UI.

    Imagine you are a dev and need 2 Screens with 5+ apps opened in the same time… you can’t just use W8.
    MS needs to FIX this ASAP.

    • jvs

      You can browse folders in the Modern UI.
      You can customize the Tiles, size and live.
      You can place tiles in a particular group and move the groups around.
      Multi Monitor multi touch will be hard to swipe…
      No start button, use the Start screen.
      Menus are available in the Modern UI, but why do you need menus?
      Infinite scrolling: not part of the UI design guidelines.
      Home-End: Is up to the developer to implement that behavior.
      Pen: Microsoft Surface Pro supports Pen nicely (pen, touch, keyboard and mouse).
      I’m a developer and running in 4 screen in Desktop mode… Modern UI is for one screen (10″ to 90″)…
      Read the Modern UI design principles…

  • Joe_HTH

    If they do this, it’s only going to hamper their efforts to change Windows. They had to change Windows because the tech world is changing, and tablets and smart phones are taking over. Simply reversing course now will just cause everyone not to use the new Metro start screen, which means their efforts were for nothing.

  • robertwade

    Good grief, just a bunch of mental midgets, unable to handle change.

  • CXM

    It’s not the start button that people want. It is the ability to pull up a search and type in an app or program that will pull up exactly what you want. Mac OSX has this too and it works great. Does mac have a start button? I don’t even know. But, the ability to havue a search and find capability on the desktop side is all that is needed.

    Moreover, the search on the metro side is great except for I hate that if I type in something… i.e. .notepad. Notepad doesn’t come up unless i am under “apps”. This is silly as I feel it should take me directly to notepad and pull that up. i.e. the most likely result for the search. or at least show me what is there under “apps” so that I can directly choose it.

    • jvs

      When I type Notepad, Notepad.exe is the first result. What are you talking about?

    • TroyGates

      If you just start typing at the Start screen it will default to searching apps, otherwise WIN+W for searching through settings, WIN+F for files and WIN+Q for applications search.

      My guess is you are doing WIN-F first instead of just typing to search.

      • CXM

        wow you’re right. Just type. Didn’t realize that. I was doing win f. However on the desktop aide that kind of functionality is needed.

        • TroyGates

          While at the desktop hit WIN key (puts you into the Start screen) and then start typing. Same functionality as Vista/Win7 but with the Win8 experience.

          • CXM

            This is true thanks for the tip. However, would you agree that perhaps that too many screen changes? or lol, would it be too redundant to do start button style searching via the regular desktop as well. I will be honest when I am over desktop world I like to just say over there. but see this is my laptop so perhaps that is why I am always over there. If i had the surface I might spend equal time in DT and Metro worlds.
            In fact, that would be a great quantitative analysis. What is the amount of time spent between both worlds when used on traditional enviornments i.e. no touch and when touch screen is available – even breaking further between tablets and non tablets.
            I wonder….

  • Kitab

    I might consider a Win8 machine if that happens, and will absolutely get one, if the ubiquituos “Start Button” is restored on Win8.

  • jeff

    just give users the option, if you want the button turn it on, if not turn it off. what’s the big deal?

    • Joe_HTH

      What will happen in that case is this.

      1. Windows users will ignore Metro.

      2. App developers won’t develop for the Windows Store, because nobody uses it.

      3. Windows tablets will have no chance to succeed or compete because of no ecosystem.

      4. Microsoft will be stuck with an antiquated, bloated, non-touch OS that does nothing to address or compete in the changing world dominated by touch tablets and smartphones. That basically means Microsoft will be relegated to complete irrelevance. The desktop market is dying and will continue to die. Anyone who doesn’t believe that tablets and smartphones will be completely dominate in the coming years are crazy.

      Microsoft can’t survive pumping out Windows 7 every three years with minimal changes.

      • Luis

        You logic makes no sense. Just looking at points 1 and 2…those things will happen because nobody likes Metro, or the idea of being forced to use it. If given the option and users decide not to use Metro that should tell you something…it’s a flawed product that nobody clearly likes and want to avoid. That alone is enough to invalidate the rest of your points. If you bring out a product and a good majority hates it but are forced to use it you are doing something wrong. What Microsoft needs to do is redesign Metro to something people actually like or at least give people an option to turn it on/off…and that is point of Windows Blue I hope.

      • Emi Cyberschreiber

        Button is NOT the same as “Menu”. so your points arent correct. the button it will be only the button, if you click on it it will take you to start screen.
        Start menu code was removed, why then polish start screen if you will add menu later?.
        so yeah its only the button, so itw ill be like developer preview. a mess of 9108231 start buttons and again, 1 space wasted in taskbar.

    • Emi Cyberschreiber

      i dont know what you mean by “button”…. because start BUTTON, is NOT start MENU. so clicking the button would take people to the same start screen.

      I dont think it will make stupid people stop complaning about new start screen. no?

      so what the big deal? wasting time in something 3rd party can bring already. instead of doing this Microsoft could just make a better guide to new users explaining everything on screen, how corners work and such. appearing until “dont show this next time” is checked. that would help new users who cant find the hidden “start button” on left corner, or charmbars, or winkey or ctrl+esc

  • Stanislaus Szczepaniak

    Next, those stroppy users force them to bring back 5 1/4″ floppy disk drive support and The Microsoft Network…

  • Ruufus

    People whine too much. “I want my coal fired locomotive back.”

  • bricko

    How about letting us pick WHERE the Metro apps are installed. What i sup with forcing them onto the C: drive. What is someone has small SSD for OS only and want to keep apps on other drives. I want only the OS on C, then install all desktop or metro on D or E drives. But we are not given this option. Whats up.

  • kullkid92

    The article should really provide more explaining and details, it is unlikely that the start button will be back (don’t hold your breath)

    I believe (from reading the source article) that what is included in blue is the option to boot up in desktop. as it was explained here in the comments, it makes the most sense because if you’re in desktop you can just press the WIN key and start typing to search for your programs. then very easily press the ESC key and you’re back to desktop :)

  • tomhassien

    Been in IT for many years, seen em all from DOS to Win8. Win8 is in the same bracket as Vista and ME – crudware. I have really tried to get okay with Win8 on a laptop but get frustrated every time and end up switching to my good ole Win7Pro laptop. Win8 seems like a project someone got half way through then got bored and just left it with the gaps. Trying to switch between apps seems terrible (e.g. try switching from Skype to IE10 and then back…almost impossible). And as for IE10…the post can’t be long enough but hidden tabs (cannot one-click switching between tabs) and having to right-click like crazy, where’s my favourites again ? 😉 ….SKIP Win8 !!