Microsoft Mystery Event To Be Held At Milk Studios, Hollywood

Microsoft has sent information on the venue for its today’s mystery event to the press. The event will be held at Milk Studios, Hollywood. This is the first time in the recent past that Microsoft has created so much hype and interest among the press. People have no clue about what Microsoft is going to announce. The wild guesses ranges from Yammer deal to Xbox Surface tablet. We are approximately 6 hours away from the start of the event.

Are you excited ??

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  • Anonymous

    Let’s hope for once that all the hype measures up because if it doesn’t the press and blogosphere are going to have a field day with this!

    • Zicoz

      Well I don’t see who else they can blame but themself, after all all Microsoft has done is to send out an invite, the rest of the hype comes from themself.

      • Jacob Bearce

        The way Microsoft sent out the invite was designed to create hype. It was a “hush hush” type of invite, with absolutely no information, making it appear extremely secret and interesting. Don’t get me wrong, I still think it’d be stupid for news sites to get upset, but I do see why they would.

        • Anonymous

           You have the right of it! Even though we’ve shouldn’t really be all that invested, our expectations have risen through the roof!!

          Anything less than some Super-Duper device is sure to be somewhat disappointing!

    • Dig The Noise

      Eh, the majority of the press and blogosphere will probably bash Microsoft anyway as they still think it’s hip to do.

      • Anonymous


  • Zicoz

    How about a livestream?

  • Elisha

    It better be worth it or else stock price will drop big time!

    • My Name is The Fight

      No, it won’t.  Microsoft is the most stable tech company in the world.  If it can withstand 10 years of anti-trust settlements, it can withstand a “flop”

  • Kazi

    Imo MS will announce strategic alliance with major content providers /film studios, tv channels, book&music publishers etc/. All the contents will be available for their new Metro style ecosystem I.e phone, tablet, Xbox. All of these jump MS to top position in ecosystem war.

    • Jacob Bearce

      I don’t know about the Ebook stuff (I’d be shocked to see Amazon fall), but I really do think this event is probably going to be about Xbox Video. 

  • Thoushaltnotspam

    All signs point to a tablet

  • sarkis chamelian

    I’m guessing the event is about the rename of Zune to Xbox Music and the services behind it; Film and Music content etc. Why else hold it at MILK, it has a ways with pictures O_o 

  • Anonymous

    The last time I got excited about one of these secret announcements was when Sprint announced the Kyocera Echo much to my disappointment!  I’m hoping MS comes through on this.  This is getting too hyped up so I’m preparing for a disappointment but I hope I’m an wrong.

  • matt

    Most likely a media centric announcement about new partners and content providers for Xbox live and the unveiling of the new Xbox Music and Video services.  That said, I’m still hoping for a Xbox branded tablet that will use those services as well as controller support, via a controller dock?, for the Xbox.

  • Pete Shatwell

    I hope for Microsoft it is not a tablet.  

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure Apple Execs are probably quite miffed at the moment, what with the level of hoopla Microsoft has generated for their event, something they may have presumed belonged only to them!

    But seriously, this is an unprecedented level of secrecy that they’ve managed to attain/hold so far, that even now a few hours before the event NO One has been able to provide a Definitive Rumour as to what it is!

  • Anonymous

    Microsoft better be launching a damn spaceship.  A tablet would be very disappointing and a huge kick to the nuts for as much hype as they have pumped up.

    • Emi Cyberschreiber

      they just sent a invite… the blogs are the ones making rumors, speculations and all the hype. its silly to say “dissapointing” when all they have done its send a weird mysterious invite. so yeah, blame the blogs not microsoft.

  • Cedric Tallichet

    Maybe official launch of

  • Ef Jay

    Lets just remember one thing, all MS has done so far is send an invite, no teasers, countdowns or anything extravagant to promote this. If anyone should be accused of overhyping this its the tech blogs trying to get hits. Don’t blame MS for all the hype.

    • Anonymous

      MSFT is learning this is how Apple does it. You send an invite and let the media go crazy. Now if MSFT doesn’t have a blockbuster product announcement, nobody will care again.

  • Anonymous

    Kin 2!

  • Pinktacoyummmm

    Yep its music related. Milk studio is known for music related events.

  • Vincent Haakmat

    I know what will be announced: Bill Gates returns as CEO, Microsoft buys Nintendo and introduces as WiiX_Pad for Xbox :-)

  • Anonymous

    I agree it could be music related (hence the LA venue)or we all my be completely off…. Or it could be only about bing ( )
    I’m happy for bing but we may be getting bamboozled thinking it’s hardware related. as the media sharpens their knives….

  • Anonymous

    will there be a live stream i refuse to sit there and read live blogs

  • WinMetro

    You see a tiger walking in Milk Studios drink my MILK OK. lets be THE KISS OF HUMANS. MICROSOFT WILL GET EATEN BY A TIGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    TROLLING BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    “Are you excited ??”


    Company that came up with that horrible Metro UI and WP can’t possibly create anything to get me excited.

  • Anonymous

    Is there a stream of this anywhere?

  • trevor

    People that think it is going to be a tablet, sorry to burst your bubble, but they already released info on a tablet at E3. So don’t hope for a tablet…

  • trevor

    People that think it is going to be a tablet, sorry to burst your bubble, but they already released info on a tablet at E3. So don’t hope for a tablet…