Microsoft Names Former HP Executive as New Windows Marketing Chief

Microsoft has confirmed former HP senior vice president Tony Prophet will be joining Microsoft as the new Windows Marketing Chief:

“We can confirm Tony Prophet will be joining Microsoft as corporate vice president, Windows Marketing, reporting to Chris Capossela. Tony will focus on growing the Windows ecosystem and enabling our partners to be more successful building on Windows.”

Prophet will join the company in May and is replacing Thom Gruhler, Corporate Vice President of Marketing for Windows. Gruhler took over Tami Reller’s old position after she announced she would be leaving the company. Gruhler is going into hiding under Qi Lu in the Applications and Services group in an unspecified role.  Prophet will report to Chris Capossela who Nadella named as Chief Marketing Officer.

Source: ZDNet

  • Mikado_Wu

    So, we have a new VP, from an unsuccessful company. Correct me if I am wrong, but their reputation has been going down hill recently.
    This makes Lots of Sense.

    • ZloiYuri

      Yes, I wanted to write the same.

      • Voxcleo

        Gents, Do your home work on Tony Prophet, before you express your rudely options. He has stellar credentials and excellent experience at running most companies. MS, is privilege to have Tony as a member of this amazing company.

        • HTk_Joe

          I’m sure he is a sweetheart of a catch but he an operations guy why would they hire him for marketing :-s

  • JohnCz

    Prophet was in charge of operations (procurement of parts, etc) so I don’t think you can tie him directly to any sales, marketing or product lineup failings at HP. The important thing here is that they brought in an outsider.