Microsoft: New Small Screen x86 Windows Tablets Will Come With Office Pre-installed

Acer W3 Windows 8 PC

Microsoft today announced that new small screen x86 based Windows tablets like Acer Iconia W3 will come with full Office pre-installed. Office Home and Student 2013 version will be there out of the box.

Tami also shared that new small screen x86 tablets including the recently announced Acer Iconia W3, will come with Office Home and Student 2013 right out of the box. For both businesses and consumers, we’re committed to making all Windows tablets, both x86 and ARM, great options for work as well as play.

Microsoft also made some more announcements today.

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Source: Windows Team Blog

  • Bugbog

    Where’s the Surface Mini (or as I like to call it Surface 8!) :)

  • AS147

    That’s huge!
    MS Outlook for RT, that answers one of the big complaints about the Mail, people and calendar apps in RT! YES!!!!!!

  • skruis

    Well, it’s installed but is it licensed and activatable?

  • Fabius Engel

    Why just for small tablets? Office makes more sense on 10″ tablets.

    • Orc

      Because it doesnt hurt any office sales, and make a great selling point for small tablets. Put it on something like a Surface Pro can on the other hand hurt the sales of Office.

      • Fabius Engel

        I’ve got your point but I believe that Office Home and Student on a Windows 8.1 Pro Tablet with a keyboard would be a great selling point, especially for students!

        • Horbeme

          thats also true but how many students can afford a Win Pro tab, and its already installed on Win RT and getting outlook with 8.1 which is almost half the price.

          • Fabius Engel

            A Win Pro tab with an Intel Atom could cost about 500-700€. I believe there a many students who will buy them but you are right an Win RT tab could be right for office and surfing.
            Somehow both aspects are true 😉