Microsoft now also apologizing for Surface delays in Germany, offering 50 Euro

turn-a-frownWe reported earlier that Microsoft was offering £50 and $50 to international customers in UK and Canada for the delay in their Surface orders.

Then we had a few miffed German readers complaining their orders were also delayed, but no compensation was forthcoming.

The bad news is that orders are still delayed, but the good news is that Microsoft is willing to make up for it.

Reader Fabian has just received an email from Microsoft apologising for the delay, and offered 50 Euro store credit, which can of course be used to buy a Touch or Type cover.

Have any of our other German readers received their 50 Euro also? let us know below.

Thanks Fabian for the tip.

  • Adriano Gelatone

    Yes. As said: “Microsoft sent out excuse emails to german customers with 50€ voucher (microsoft store). No reasons given. Only delivery will be not in time. Sorry for that … Voucher cannot be used for Windows 8…”

  • Mat

    Got the apology with 50 euro credit too… I actually ordered in Germany because I expected their logistics to be far better than other European options.

  • Ludwig Hildmann

    Yes I got one too. It will be interesting to see when we actually get it, because as far as I know the “official” delivery date was until the 30th of October. That would mean that we will get it after the 30th…I already ordered the Surface HDMI cable so that makes me feel a bit better…

  • SvdPol

    This is correct, I received it as well.

  • Henrik Erlandsson

    How did you get it? Did you email or call them? I called them today earlier just to confirm status and even though it says “Wird bearbeitet” (processing) the package had actually been sent. The problem was that they have missed all tracking details and reporting back status to me. The said it will be delivered today or tomorrow – we’ll see how that goes!

    • Ludwig Hildmann

      I just called and they said that they can only see the “Wird bearbeitet” and that they’re waiting for it to be sent…he also said it should still be here by the 30th but from all the things I’ve heard who knows what to believe anymore! I also did get the 50€ credit email, but seeing as you didn’t maybe some were actually sent out today.

  • Guest

    Yes I received it as well today…but no intimation on shipping date :(

  • Parthasarathy Srinvasavaradhar

    Yes I received it as well today…but no intimation on shipping date

    • Parthasarathy Srinvasavaradhar

      I now got the confirmation on shipped yesterday, infact they shipped through UPS Express and expected to arrive today from Netherlands.
      I live in Germany.

  • Henrik Erlandsson

    Great, got the email now and used the code to order the AV-adapter for free!

  • Allan

    Got mine in Denmark as well. ordered in UK

  • Pasquale!

    I also recieved a 50€ voucher! :/

  • sam

    hell, i want my credit too. msft delay this also in hong kong. and not even a say from microsoft. at least an apology would be much appreciated. meh

  • Fabian

    Thanks for taking this into your news!

    I called them as well half an hour ago and still no answer expect the usual “it should arrive at latest tomorrow”.

    I am not really pissed, things happen sometimes. And as now already is known it is not Microsoft´s fault.

    I´m fine with the 50€!

  • Mahesh

    I also recieved a 50€ voucher!

  • Simon Lange

    so far nothing. no compensation. no email. no delivery date. no change at status page. no knowledge at hotline.

    what i got so far: stress, 800eur less. phone bill. no information. no assistance which has competence.

    what i want till yesterday. my PAID hardware. some compensation and knowing that the head of the responsible manager has been cut off.

    not so hard to achieve….

  • Simon Lange

    lil reminder. right now my contract says you deliver within 3 days.
    i ordered and paid friday the 64gb version which wasn listed delayed nor sold.
    therefore u MUST deliver within three days or u violate european trading rules.
    Fri, Mo, Tuesday….. you better….

  • Max

    Got Mine today! (Germany)