Microsoft offering 10 GB SkyDrive, other goodies for Surface buyers

imageReader Brain dropped us a line to let us know that his local Microsoft Holiday Pop-Up store in NYC at Columbus Circle was offering him an extra 3 GB of free SkyDrive storage and one year free Skype subscription.

Has anyone else benefitted from this promotion? Let us know below.

  • the person

    You’ve got to be kidding right? This isn’t news, it comes it a little booklet given to every Surface purchaser. It also gives you magazine subscriptions for a Nook app that doesn’t even exist yet! Also, it isn’t a one year Skype subscription, it is a one month subscription. Reader Brian needs to learn how to read.

  • Freddie Fuentes

    I received the 3gb of skydrive storage and only 30 days of Skype. I did get the 1 year of Xbox Music for being one of the first 100 buyers though.

  • Adil

    i thought maybe i was missing something with that nook promotion. so weird that they made all that stuff and there’s no app.

  • mike g

    Ya, Got the 1 month of skype and extra 3 gigs of Skydrive. Inquired about the 1 year Xbox Music thing, “that was last week…sorry”

  • Rich

    I got 3GB of Sydrive and 30 days Skype, and some Nook magzines subsciption or some kind. From the booklet it seem like they are for all Windows 8 devices though.

  • Jeroen Heijster

    I wonder how that works for people with the 25 GB promotion…

    • tkadrum

      They gave an additional 3gb combining with my 25gb. I now have 28gb.

  • markjonson

    I got the free 12-month Xbox Music Pass card even though I wasn’t one of the first 100.

  • xirsteon

    this is wrong on all accounts.. what about those millions of people who pre-ordered online huh? it’s unfair. It makes me want to return my Surface for this stupid move. Yes it’s only 3gb and 1 month but still it’s a douche move by MS.

  • cris178

    I just now received my Surface, I was one of the first to pre order. I received nothing for my delay. :(