Microsoft offering £50/$50 gift voucher to disappointed Surface buyers

turn-a-frownWe wrote earlier about international customers not receiving their Surface tablets when they expect.  It seems Microsoft is working very hard to quell any outrage, and is going so far as to offer buyers a £50 or $50 gift voucher for their trouble.

Shawn has sent us in this email below:

Dear Customer,

Thanks again for pre-ordering your Surface online!

As stated at the time of order, we expect customers in Canada to receive their Surface devices between Oct. 26 and Oct. 30. We apologize for any confusion caused by subsequent emails stating an earlier or later arrival date. To make up for any inconvenience, we would like to offer you a single use coupon for up to

CND$50 off your next purchase from the Microsoft online store*.

To use your coupon, please visit, shop for the items you want, and, at check out, type the code xxxxx in the Promo Code box. The value of your coupon will be applied at checkout, before you complete your purchase.

If you have any questions regarding your order, please visit us online at or give us a call at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Thank you,

Microsoft online store

Of course no delay is still better, but £50 store credit is not to be sneezed at either, and I think will go very far to turn those frowns upside down.

Do our readers agree? Let us know below.

Thanks Shawn and Lawrence and everyone else who sent this tip in.

  • agha

    Nothing like that here in Germany. Not even a sorry from the hotline guy. Only “huge” demand excouse. Really? “Huge Demand excouse” works for the guys not pre-ordering. I pre-order just to have it on time…MS really sucks today.

    • Ludwig Hildmann

      This sucks, I ordered mine on the 16th!!! why the hell did they not manage to send them out in Germany?! I want it now!!! We don’t even have the option of buying it in store we are forced to buy it online.

      • Adriano Gelatone

        Same here. Ordered on 16th in germany. It is really dissapointing. Microsoft trusts us to have the surface on 26th. See screenshot. Even i do not think we get it on saturday (today). UPS is not delivering saturdays. Also i heard rumours all orders with status “In Bearbeitung” will be delivered in 2-3 weeks …

        • Ludwig Hildmann

          That would actually make me consider cancelling the order and getting another WinRT tab…They better get there act together and reward those of us who invested a significant amount of money into a brand new product!!!

  • rcdc

    And another thing that the Canadians get screwed over with, not only are our pre-orders getting delayed , ( but not apparently in the U.S.?), but, 50 cdn is worth a lot less than £50 .

    • Twisticles

      Lol you’re not getting screwed. Sure your refund might not be as big in CAD(50) versus GBP (CAD80) but look at the price we have to pay for the Surface in the first place!

      64G w/touch type CAD 719 or GBP559 (CAD897!)…which would you prefer?

      But yeah I am pissed with MS over delivery dates too – especially as the email says “Pre-order now for delivery by 26/10”

  • oceancalm

    said on my order and due the ordering process that it’d be delivered ‘by’ the 26/10 even the confirmation order said that :-

    Product Name: Surface with Windows RT (Pre-Ordered)
    Anticipated Released Date: Pre-order now for delivery by 26/10
    Unit Price: £479.00
    Qty Ordered: 1
    Amount: £479.00