Microsoft Offering Students 10% Discount On Surface, Software, & Accessories


Microsoft is offering students with a valid .edu email address a 10% discount on the purchase of a Surface, software, and/or accessories.  This could be a savings of over a $100 with the purchase of a 128GB Surface.

Head over to the Microsoft Store and enter your email address to get a unique code for the savings.


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  • Mark Gibbs

    I like the deal that MS is doing for education, if you buy a touch screen pc you get office for free.
    that is huge.

  • Peter jackson

    Microsoft offering discounts on surface, softwares and accessories for students is a great move by the brand. Discount available by logging in to microsoft store and recieve your unique code for savings. Microsoft Office is available for university students at very low price as discount is available for students. This offer will remain for limited period so grab this offer as soon as possible.