Microsoft Office 365 Approved For Purchase By The US Department Of Defense


Microsoft today won a major public sector contract in the US for its subscription based productivity suite Office 365. The U.S. Army PEO EIS has awarded 50,000 seats of Microsoft Office 365 to Microsoft and Dell for Cloud Services, including e-mail and calendaring, Office Web Apps, unified capabilities like Microsoft Lync, and collaboration tools like SharePoint. Public sector enterprise mainly demands enterprise and security-ready solutions in which Microsoft clearly has advantage over other cloud players like Google.

The Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) is available to any Department of Defense (DoD) Service, agency and mission partner without additional competitive process. This opportunity gives Microsoft the ability to work with civilian agencies and federal entities at all levels to provide commercial cloud services, opening up new mobile opportunities.

Adopting Office 365 is a significant step forward for the Department of Defense in fulfilling the DoD Cloud Computing Strategy of leveraging commercial cloud services. Securely combining commercial and government services demonstrates the Army’s commitment to build on the successful DoD Enterprise Email (DEE) initiative. The single authoritative identity management capability enabled by DEE provides the ability to take advantage of O365 and other enterprise services.
Read more about it from Microsoft here.
  • Bugbog


    • GG002

      Funny, I literally just read some comments from some trolls on Surface 2 review, stating that MS Office is totally rubbish and insecure, and that any sane person uses Google’s (wannabe <– my opinion) office suite.

      • donzebe

        Only free bees uses Google’s office suite. Let’s be honest if most of Google’s products were not free how many people will know it even exist.

    • SategB

      I was hoping for it to be a real score! It is a shame that Google was awarded the same 50,000 seat contract also :(

      “The U.S. Army Program Executive Office for Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS) has approved for purchase 50,000 seats each Microsoft’s and Google’s respective cloud-office offerings.”

      • Bugbog

        It’s rather sad that you always immediately have to upvote your Own comment!? That said, your comment is still irrelevant to this thread!

        • SategB

          I guess it is not irrelevant:
          by the fact it rounds out the full story as reported by Mary Jo Foley at PC Mag
          2. It drew comments.

      • techieg

        Personally, as an IT Security pro I don’t see how Google qualifies for DoD purchases as a secure cloud service given that their backyard is a playground for hackers and they don’t have any industry third-party security audit certification as O35 does:

  • donzebe

    Again, another right decision in the right direction.

  • farmer pancho

    Hehehe no one has thought of a skynet joke yet?

  • Rikikrik

    Other deals Microsoft sealed recently we’re Johnson and Johnson ( 168000) employees and Metlife (64.000 employees). The Ministry of Defense already ordered 613 Million of Microsoft services and products last year. It was just a matter of time before they would buy Office 365. But goog work MS.