Microsoft Office For iOS And Android Coming Only In Fall 2014?

Office 2013 RTM Download

There were lots of reports in the past pointing towards Microsoft Office for iOS and Android devices. It was later confirmed that Microsoft is already working on them and it is delaying its release for some unknown reasons. Now, CNET reports that Microsoft will be releasing their Office productivity suite for iOS and Android only in fall 2014. The product release cycle codenamed Gemini will kick off later this year with  Metro versions of  Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote by Oct 2013. Following that in Apr 2014, Microsoft will be releasing Office for Mac 2014 and a new version of Office for Windows Phone devices.

Also Microsoft will be releasing updates for desktop versions of Office for ARM devices in April 2014 followed by the release of Outlook RT in Oct 2014. And during the same time, Microsoft will be releasing Office for iOS and Android devices.

  • Gemini wave 1.0, October: Windows Blue app updates.
  • Gemini wave 1.5, April 2014: Office for Mac, Office RT refresh, Perceptive Pixel support, Windows Phone support refresh.
  • Gemini wave 2.0, October 2014: Outlook RT, Office for iOS/Android.

I guess Microsoft is trying to protect the Windows eco-system by not releasing Office for other platforms. By the end of 2014, Microsoft expects the new modern Windows platform will get a good traction among consumers both in mobile and tablet space.

Source: CNET

  • soder

    2014 October for Outlook RT ????????????
    For f@ck sake, thats the worst joke this Year.

  • whatup12

    I am seriously concerned about what MSFT is thinking here? releasing office for android could actually go a decent way towards fulfilling these prophecies of many analysts these days. maybe they have seen this writing on the wall and that is why they are recommending sell for MSFT. what are they thinking??

  • AS147

    Don’t worry about these silly stories, MS and almost everyone knows that doing this would kill almost overnight its Windows desktop OS. They “might” make Office 365 (web version only) available (not sure it isn’t now) but be aware MS would not make such a stupid decision.
    These stories have isolated incedences of resurfacing because there are a few interested parties trying to goad MS into reacting and these promoters are even hoping public opinion from readers who see these stories may help get them their goal.
    The only way MS would release a full functioning and competitively priced version of office for IOS and Android is if they agreed to give up in the retail desktop OS market. Althought things are not good in that market I don’t see it not turning around in two or so yearsand even after yearly 13%-20% drops Windows on retail desktops will still dominate the PC market as there is no other player and by that time they will also have a decent slice of the tablet space (though they probably won’t lead it).
    In short another self interested silly story.