Microsoft Office For iOS And Android Screenshots Leaked

We all know that Office for iOS and Android devices is coming next year, but Microsoft didn’t provide any details on it. Today, The Verge posted the above screenshots showing Microsoft Office experience on iOS device. Office Mobile for iOS and Android will come as free apps that allows you to view Microsoft Office documents. If you need edit functionality, you can enable it with an Office 365 subscription.

Enterprise organizations can distribute codes to enable Office editing for users through Office 365 service.

Source: The Verge

  • blackhawk556

    The death of windows phone. There really is no advantage to owning a windows phone other than to have something different. Smartglass, office, SkyDrive, exchange and popular apps will all be available in iOS and Android. Why should businesses switch their employees android and iOS devicesif they’ll be able to everyging that windows phone can do? Plus they have all the apps!

    • the person

      um, probably because you have to PAY YEARLY on iOS to EDIT your documents in Office365 which is hahahahahaha hilarious…..when you can do it for FREE on Windows Phones and Surface tablets. Microsoft isn’t stupid.

      • blackhawk556

        yes but most likely businesses already pay for office 365 which will enable them to activate Office. Im pretty sure the subscription will be cheaper than getting all new phones for their employees.

        • the person

          horse manure. up until recently most businesses got Office on their desktop through software assurance. Now they will have employees coming to them begging them to subscribe to Ofice365, which is just what MS is counting on. If I were the CIO I would say GTFO with the iDevice and tell them to buy a Windows Phone…or if it is a company device, ditch the BS iOS in the business and get Windows Phones.

          • Mike P

            Good points. I wasn’t even considering that as a business strategy.

        • David

          Still they can demand money for Mobile devices and just because business pay for Office 365 on PC doesn’t mean mobile version is coming with it for free. Let’s hope this is what really happens otherwise not very good news for WP.

          • the person

            who can demand money? Microsoft? No they have already clarified their llicense terms for Surface ad WP8.

      • PutMyNameHere

        Businesses would NOT be able to use Office for free (at least on Surface). There were quite a few articles a little while ago that businesses would be required to get licenses for Office on Surface because the free Office on Surface is the student/home version.

        So yea, as other have noted, there would be no advantage now for businesses to use Surface or WP over the competition. Well at least the thought of Surface/WP gaining share in enterprise was nice while it lasted.

        • the person

          the worker’s desktop license will fulfill this requirement. the upside to this is that it is a one time buy, and if they have already the license they are good. With iOS the ONLY way to edit would be the business buying a yearly subscription of Office365. Surface and RT WP8 are definitely the better cost choice.

    • Dig The Noise

      Off the top of my head, for me: the WP interface looks better and is easier to use than iOS and Android, my WP never requires a reboot unlike my Android which required multiple reboots per day, WP isn’t a malware magnet like Android, Office on WP is free, I like the look and feel of Nokia’s phones.

      • garak0410

        I agree. I was a long time Android user and defender. I am picking up my Lumia 920 on Friday and leaving Android behind. I tired of the lockups over the 3 Android phones I owned.

  • Big D

    Office for Android and iOS will only have basic, basic functionality — much like Office on Windows Phone. So, for office 365 you’d require to do it in a browser and have an internet connection. As Win8 tablets begin to flood the market, many will include Office 13 RT for free. So you invest a lost of $$$ in Win8 tablets, you’ll need corporate devices of the same OS. Case solved.

  • Smith

    Microsoft repeat after me 100 times: Office on iOS and Android is a bad idea!

    Microsoft please learn. Few of my friends went from iOS and Android because of Office they saw in my Windows Phone. Now you give them no reason to switch?

    • David

      Unless they offer it not for free and charge like $29.99.

      • the person

        which they are. It will be a yearly subscription…..or they can beg their work for a code if their work is subscribed to Office365.

  • Joey

    Big mistake. Sabotage your own platform for a few nickels from your competitor sales….if Microsoft does this, they kill the Windows 8 platform. I mean, why would people just not stay with Apple , get all the apps, and now get the last missing piece for legitimacy in the enterprise – Office.

    • the person

      the buying proposition with Windows RT/WP8 is that office is FREE to edit whereas you MUST buy a subscription on other platforms.

  • Gavin Tom

    lol haha, so that is how they are sticking it to apple and google! Fun times. I’ll take my free office thank you!

  • tropolite

    Office for IOS and Androids from what I’m reading won’t have native editing capabilities as a free option whereas Windows Phone can edit documents straight up. So I don’t see a problem.
    “If you need edit functionality, you can enable it with an Office 365 subscription.”
    Personally I think this is a good thing for WPhone as users will get a taste but not be satisfied and look to Windows Phone for the full experience.
    Just my 2 cents worth