Microsoft Office Team Building An App For Windows 8 Devices Codenamed ‘Office Reader’

Image Credit: ITHome

At their annual company meeting, Microsoft’s Kirk Koenigsbauer demonstrated an upcoming Windows 8 app from the Office team codenamed ‘Office Reader’.
Office Reader is supposed to be a cross format tool for consuming different types of content. He also demoed no.of updates coming to Office in the upcoming “Gemini” wave.

Recently, Microsoft described the below in their re-org memo.

“We will ensure that the tools handle multimedia (photos, videos, text, charts and slides) in an integrated way and natively online. These documents/websites will be easily sharable and easily included in meetings. They will offer complex options such as imbedded logic and yet be easy to author, search and view. These documents will be readable from a browser, but the experience will be infinitely better if read, annotated or presented with our tools.”

I guess the Office Reader exactly does the same. Office Reader app will support web pages, Office documents, PDFs, ebooks, and textbooks.Tom Warren reported the following on the tool shown yesterday,

Koenigsbauer demonstrated PDF support and the ability to reflow text to navigate through PDFs easily on a touchscreen. During a textbook demo, the ability to look at tables and interact with various parts of the content was also shown.  Perhaps the most interesting part is Microsoft’s work with stylus support for Office Reader. Koenigsbauer showed a number of tools activated via a Surface Pro pen that allow users to circle, underline, highlight, and make notes on any document. The notes are then stored and listed in a side panel in each document.

Office team has partnered with Bing team which allows you to search and receive information in context to your document in a right-hand sidebar. You can incorporate those results in your document as well.

This new app along with other service updates such as real time editing in Office Web Apps are coming in 2014 as part of Gemini wave of updates. Read more from the link below.

Source: The Verge

  • NegLewis

    Office should support any frame/page format file.
    Videos are just a number of Frames/Pages that have audio too.

    I should be able to load a video, split it into n frames/images, and see the hole thing in a “page by page” format…

    • Yuan Taizong

      That would be awesome 😀

  • Yuan Taizong

    An Office Reader app for Windows 8 will increase the popularity of Microsoft Office as it will introduce people to the functionality of Microsoft Office, this is why I bought Microsoft Office 2010, I’m used to writing Microsoft Office documents, and the Ribbon is actually a superior user interface than any of the free suites offer, I’m so used to the Ribbon in Windows 8’s File Explorer than when I go back to Windows 7 I feel as if there’s just a lot of functionality missing from the Windows Explorer and I have trouble navigating it, I weant Windows 8 and will never downgrade to any other, I used to have Microsoft Office 2003 on my old XP and using Microsoft Office 2010 made it look so obsolete that I bought one myself.

    One of the largest critisisms of Windows 8 was the lack of ”a Windows RunTime version of Microsoft Office” and this will soon lead the path for it to come, other wise Microsoft could just fuse the Windows Phone Store (formerly marketplace) with the Windows Store (ditto) and port Microsoft Office Mobile to Windows 8, although this is a built-in app, so it’s probably not part of the store.

    I really hope to see a Windows 8-based version of Microsoft Office by the end of 2014.

  • wp77

    MS is on a roll!