Microsoft Office Team Working On Next Generation Of App Experiences


Microsoft Office suite didn’t add any completely new app in the past few years. Speaking to GeekWire,  John Case, a Microsoft Office corporate vice president for marketing hinted about the next generation app experiences that is coming soon from the Office team. He highlighted the fact that the OneNote app which was added as a completely new app to Office suite in 2003 is now being used by millions of people.

“We’ll do more things like that, that will be about different form factors and different applications,” he said. “The Office suite has been very consistent. We haven’t had new apps in a long time. We’ll have some new app investments coming. New ways of creating content, new ways of storing and organizing content.”

“As much we love Word, Excel and PowerPoint, there’s another generation of app experiences we want to enable. Some of it will feel like big stuff, and some will feel like small stuff. We want to let you create content in different ways that we think will be more personal for you.”

Last year, there were leaks about a new app that will be part of Office suite codenamed Moorea which combines text, pictures, videos and other elements in single canvas. The app is clearly optimized for tablets, with clear Metro styling and large, finger friendly targets, and the app appeared to be for collecting notes and information in a rearrangable  grid. Another cool thing is that the  app allows these notes to be exported as a HTML file which can then be viewed in any web browser. Even during the annual company meeting last year, Microsoft demoed the latest version of this app to its employees. I guess, we will hear more about this in the coming months. What do you think?

via: Geekwire

  • Jason

    I really don’t think they need to add anything crazy or any unnecessary apps that will bloat the beautiful Office ecosystem right now. Mainly because it’s very simple and clear what each app is for and it’s not overwhelming to users. If they were to introduce too many apps, there will be wasted resources and it would get complicated (like Adobe’s CreativeCloud). However, if they were to introduce new apps/experiences that will actually have unique purposes and that people will actually want to use then I’m all for it :-)…. Moorea looks interesting, and I’m excited to see the next-gen Form services in Office which will be announced soon to replace the retired InfoPath. 😀

  • Nham Thien Duong

    Windows Phone got a few new Microsoft Office Apps, Office 365 Admin & Office Remote.

  • NegLewis

    what it’s a text file?
    A series of Pages of text

    What it’s a gif?
    A Series of Images/frames

    What it’s a doc, html, PDF… file?
    Same thing: a series of pages/frames

    All encoded unsing different encoders but basically: those are frames.

    What it’s a video file?
    A Series of Frames + audio

    What it’s an audio file?
    A series of frames – encoded as sound waves.

    WHAT’s Office?
    A viewer and an editor of FRAMES.

    That’s the Office I need.