Microsoft OneNote Is Now The No.1 Free App In Mac App Store

Microsoft OneNote Mac App Store

Earlier this week, Microsoft released OneNote app in Mac App Store as a free app. With that release, OneNote is now available on all the platforms: PC, Mac, Windows tablets, Windows Phone, iPad, iPhone, Android and the Web. Even though OneNote for Mac app is not powerful as OneNote 2013, it is well received by the consumers. It has become the most popular free Mac app in the App Store in a single day. Surprisingly, Mac OS X update Mavericks which was released in October is now trailing behind OneNote.

Also, the app has received about 600 reviews in a day and most of them are rated 4+. Its a pretty good start for Microsoft and they are “very pleased” with the customers response. Microsoft also has two more apps in the Top 10 list, they are OneDrive and Remote Desktop Connection.

Source: Techcrunch

  • Bugbog

    Is it just my imagination, or are all of Microsoft’s releases much higher rated than the vaunted Apple apps, like GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, iPhoto/Movie etc?

    • JasCola

      I noticed the same thing. Maybe Microsoft should release their own versions of iPhoto/Movie on Mac and watch how those compare. :)

      • Bugbog

        I’ve just realised that this may be one of those rare moments where Microsoft “fanboys” can’t be accused of committing the ‘crime!’ 😀

        • Nham Thien Duong

          L.O.L. true, though I had a Mac (3 to be precise), I kept using Microsoft’s services, though most Mactards are huge Google fanboys/fangirls. (>_<)

      • Tips_y

        It would be hilarious if Microsoft did, and the apps get higher ratings than the ones by Apple ;-))

    • Tips_y

      And here I was thinking I just imagined it LOL!

  • reKitab

    Apple, what have you done for Windows lately?

    • Nham Thien Duong

      Nothing, Mactopia (Microsoft) is the #2 publisher for O.S. X (after Apple itself) and Microsoft even donates a lot to Open Source, yet all open source-fanboys/fangirls are obsessed with Apple and deeply hate Microsoft, I just don’t understand why… ¿?

      • JamesSB

        Also, Microsoft makes all of their top apps available for both iOS and Android.

        • reKitab

          Vice versa, nothing for Windows from them. Soo unfair, imho!

    • Tips_y

      Looking at all the low ratings mac users gave to Apple offerings, and that includes OSX Mavericks, I’m not sure I want them to do anything for Windows ;-

      • XboxerOne

        With Windows 8 pretty much tanking worst than Vista, I guess having a high rank free app on Apple’s App Store is something…I just can’t believe that MSFT is now so dependent on the fruit company.

  • nickcraze

    Holy molly has a better rating that OS X Maverick.

  • elpadr1no

    Wow! Talking to my friends, you would think that Pages, Numbers and Keynote were the best things since sliced bread. The ratings say differently. Lol.

    • SategB

      This is why, like my friend Charlie Kindle suggested to Ballmer, Microsoft should have used the 2500 people working on Windows Phones and had them creating iOS apps back on 08.

  • Guest

    The real story here is MSFT is now being force to play in the new world of free.

    • Guest

      I remember when we celebrate number one SELLING application, I guess we need to take what we can get :(

  • JackoLAntern

    Apple are too busy shafting their mindless fans with expensive hardware to make decent software to go with it apparently.

  • Prayaas

    Whatever platform they choose, they do the icons beautifully. Never wanted to say this, but the skeumorphic OneNote icon looks so good. Better than Apple’s skeumorphic icons.
    But of course, Metro icons are still best. :)