Microsoft OneNote Simplifies The Process Of Adding Recipes To Your Notes

OneNote Recepies Clipping

Microsoft OneNote allows users to add information on the web through OneNote web clipper and the email clipper ( Now, they are further simplifying the process of collecting recipes on the web. When you use the OneNote web clipper or email clipper ( to clip a recipe, OneNote will now simplify the page down to just the steps, ingredients, and key pieces of information you need most, giving your recipes a simpler, cleaner format in OneNote. Great new feature for all those home cooks!

How Microsoft does this?

By taking advantage of the Bing platform, we are able to glean the most important parts of the recipe and present them in a useful way directly in OneNote. Bing’s vast knowledge repository, which powers the recipe experience on, allows us to dynamically deliver our deep understanding of individual recipes to your OneNote notebook. This feature works on many of the top recipe websites in the U.S., and we’ll expand the number of sites it covers in the future. Current sites include, and, and many more.

If you have a recipe website and want to make sure it looks great when clipped into OneNote? Email Microsoft at

  • John

    Wow that’s awesome! I’m guess they’ll have to partner with certain sites to make it work like that, or maybe they have some sort of algorithm to determine how to pick out the right info. OneNote rocks! ;D

  • Marc

    While it is am interesting feature I think they should focus on more useful things, like native search and replace, basic image editing (like in Word), etc. Currently you have to rely on plug ins like OneTastic to do such basic things…
    Bet don’t get me wrong, I love to see new features added to the best notetaking app!